William L. Treadway

Freelance Creative Writer & Comedy Writer

Location:Astoria, New York, United States
2 Skills
To be a major writing asset to any company that values good writing done quickly and with high quality.

? Diploma- Msgr, McClancy Memorial High School; East Elmhurst, NY 1997; won English/Writing Excellence for 4 Years award
? F-01 Certificate of Fitness Citywide Fire Guard for Impairment
? F-78 Certificate of Fitness for Inspecting, Cleaning & Testing Smoke Detectors- Premises Related
? A-35 Certificate of Fitness to Operate and Maintain Air Compressors
? S-12 Certificate of Fitness for Sprinkler Systems
? S-13 Certificate of Fitness for Citywide Standpipe System
? S-14 Certificate of Fitness for Multi-zone Standpipe System
? S-78 Certificate of Fitness for Inspecting, Cleaning & Testing Smoke Detectors- Citywide
? S-95 Certificate of Fitness for Fire Alarm Systems Supervision

Staff Writer- DVD Verdict, Eugene, OR (2003-2005)
Owner/Operator- DVD Up Close, Astoria/NY (2005 - 2008)
Staff Writer- DVD Up Close, Astoria/NY (2005-2008)
Contributing Writer – The Wrestling Roundtable, NJ (2010 – 2012)
Blogger/Maintenance - Bill Up Close (2008-2013); From the Desk of Bill Treadway (2011); The Boring Critic (2013-)

• Regularly delivers assignments with fixed time schedules against all odds.
• Relentless preparation towards any task given.
• Built and operated a DVD review site for three years
• Always available to help and assist anyone who needs and desires aid with writing and mechanics.
• Possesses natural talent for writing.
• Exceptional objective thinking and criticism.
Skills (2) Rating
Creative Writing
Comedy Writing