Felix M. Cortez

Freelance Editor & Television Producer

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
2 Skills
Freelance Videographer/Editor 2009-Present
* Shot interviews, shot b-roll, light subject, maintained audio for multiple interviewees and edited utilizing Final Cut Pro for “Stitched”, a full-length documentary on quilting.
KTRK-TV ABC 13/Disney Houston, Texas
Senior Audio 2002-Present
* Responsible for all audio content for live and taped programming including remote audio operation for news specials, sporting events and entertainment productions.
* Operate and maintain audio for primetime news broadcasts utilizing Euphonix CS3100 digital audio board and Lectrosonics wireless system with twelve wireless mics and IFBs.
* Coordinated the transition to new Euphonix CS3100 digital audio board ensuring each of the other operators was fully trained.
* Route and assign the board. Created snapshots (easily-accessible fader source files) for each of the programs produced at the station.
* Supervised the design and layout of the audio booth in the new remote truck and travel wireless kit for remotes.
* Operate Soundcraft 32 input audio board, telos system, eight channels of IFB, RTS system, and six-channel limiter compressor unit.

KTRK-TV ABC 13/Disney Houston, Texas
Technical Director 2000 – 2002
* Responsible for translating the visual needs of the director & producer on a live daily talk show and live newscasts using Sony 7350 digital switcher with two channels of DME. Create setups utilizing 32 channels of video input plus multiple routable cross points.

KTRK-TV ABC 13/Disney Houston, Texas
Broadcast Technician 1998 – 2000
* Operated audio mixer for primetime news broadcasts.
* Operated four robotic cameras for primetime news broadcasts as well as manual operation and handheld camera for fast-paced daily
talk show. Directed operations in studio, operated still store and Chyron Infinit for primetime newscasts.

Sports Production Houston, Texas 2000 - 2003
* Operate EVS, Pinnacle Thunder, LVS/VDR Pinnacle replay systems during live sporting events for the Houston Texans, Houston Rockets and Houston Astros. Edit features, highlights and game melts on Media 100 non-linear system.
Fox Sports Net Houston, Texas
Studio Supervisor 1996-1998
* Responsible for Electronic News Gathering including operating Beta camera, audio and lighting for daily sports-related pre-game features. Mixed audio for a live pre-game and post game sports show. Managed the operation of IFB and RTS systems, six cameras and lighting inventory for two studios. Edited features (linear and non-linear), incorporating Chryron, graphics, and multiple audio and video sources. Supervised crew of six and coordinated communication between staff of 20, including engineers, producers, remote sites and master control operators
Equipment and Software:
Apple Final Cut Pro, CS5 Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Sony EX1R HD video cameras, Canon EOS 7D HD-SLR cameras and
various audio mixers and multiple wireless microphone systems.
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Television Production