Rudy Alleyne

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Location:Florida, United States
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I'm an aspiring author working on my first fantasy/fiction title called Tsunami Trouble, along with another title, Heart of Fury: a post-apocalyptic tale of unrequited love and an immortal youth's struggle to leave the past behind by protecting a mysterious young woman who may be the key to humanity's survival. Stuck in an eternal state of arrested development and chased by a being of despicable evil, the young stranger, along with a motley crew of cohorts, race towards the answers. Their only clue, a few journal entries which eerily predicts man's downfall through the experiences of a 15th century, Italian parishioner and his possessed sister.

Now on a more personal note, I was Born in 1983 and raised in Nassau, Bahamas where I attended Queen's College Primary and High School. I graduated high school in 2001 and began attending St. Leo University soon afterwards. After graduating in 2005 as a Biology major, I worked for a few years before returning to school to obtain a Criminology degree at the U.S.F. in 2009. In a way, this was my attempt to secure a future in forensic science, when coupled with my biology background. At present, I'm working on obtaining a Master's in Global Communicable Diseases at U.S.F.'s Public Health College. What can I say? I'm addicted to knowledge.
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