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Ghita Andersen

Freelance Logo Designer, Cartoonist, & More

Location:Gold Coast and Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Phone: *61 439 888 070
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Ghita is an illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist specialising in Aussie animal cartoons and colourful book illustration.

Ghita's Graphic Design expertise extends to logos, campaign and concert posters, surf-art, political satire (caricatures), humorous magazine and book illustrations, Australian images of iconic landmarks, animals and social commentary cartoons.

Ghita's experience is a combination of thirty years as a graphic artist and illustrator for advertising agencies in Europe and Australasia.

Ghita's cartoons and illustrations can be seen published in books and magazines (Such as 'Leaftales' and 'The Source' Australia) and as Australian Souvenir Merchandise on Cafepress, Fineartamerica and

Ghita's Niche
"All I ever wanted to be was a graphic artist. I loved to read comics and draw poster art. I was to find my niche designing logos and pop-art comic images for advertising, book illustrations, logos, cute Aussie animals and rock concert posters."

"Some of my best drawings are the five second, rough doodles that I do before the final drawing. These preliminary drawings are loose and often have more emotional honesty than the finals."

"I might be inspired by a dream, something someone says or something I have seen, so I usually scribble it down on a pad (I always carry one) to use later. However, in saying that - nature always inspires me the most."

Method for cartoons and illustration
"I start off with a pencil doodle and then draw my final drawing on paper (It might take a few goes until I am happy!), I then use black markers to draw the outline. This, I then scan into Photoshop and colourise in layers and play around with the composition, add fonts, speech bubbles, comic dots, freckles logo, textures etc."

Whole New Way
"I am very old school, because when I originally trained at Auckland University of Technology in the eighties, we were taught airbrushing, to use gouache paint, paste up, Letraset, and print making techniques; however while I miss creating more with my hands, using computers to finish drawings certainly speeds things up and tidies up any mistakes or fingerprints in the wrong place."

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"I hope you enjoy my logos, cartoons and graphics!”