Donald Rose

Freelance CAD Freelancer & Drafting Freelancer

Location:Athol, Massachusetts, United States
2 Skills

Artistically drawn to AutoCad 2010/2012 ® and Revit 2012 ® to create and design 2D/3D architectural working drawings; framing, floor, foundation, roof, elevation, and BOM scheduling
Enjoys Inventor Professional 2012 ® when creating orthographic, isometric, assembly, exploded, and animated detailed mechanical drawings
Enjoys creating detailed, scaled 3D Models with foam core and other crafty materials for precise representation
Very detailed oriented; natural organizational skills
25+ years hands-on experience within the construction trades; the ability to perform quality general contracting craftsmanship for residential and commercial properties
Abides and refers to local, state, residential, and commercial building codes when designing
Able to supervise, train and delegate multiple persons
Is professionally trained in commercial kitchens and culinary arts
Implies and promotes sustainable and green technologies during the designing phase when applicable according to local, state, and federal regulations
Creations of overall project planning and/or Gantt charts with Microsoft Project®
Has excellent abilities when cropping and deforming photography with Adobe Photoshop®
Makes quality logo’s, posters, magazine covers, and spreads using Adobe Illustrator®
Has proper camera positioning skills to create enhanced renderings with Revit 2012®, Inventor Professional 2012®, and 3DS Max 2012®
Enjoys and has the ability to work with computer software for up to 14 hrs/day without straining
Enjoys researching and writing research papers; has excellent written communication skills using Microsoft Word®
Has excellent oral skills and abilities when creating slides to conduct a professional Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation
Able to create and import civil topography drawings with the use of AutoCad Civil 3D 2012®
Has the ability to create spread sheets working with Microsoft Excel®
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