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Karla DiBenedetto

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Tattoo Designer

Location:Palm Harbor, Florida, United States
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I am a young Artist, who has been drawing since I was able to pick up crayons. I always was seen doodling at home, and in my notebooks at school. The entire Art world was a gateway, a realm in which I could escape my troubles and release them onto paper. For no one could understand my ideas more than myself as they poured from my soul out through the Pens, Pencils, Markers, and Paint Brushes I have worked with in the past.

I have taken the course in the Art Instruction Schools Program and have graduated as of October 2013. I have received many Awards among which WHILE I was still a student and was one of the Top Students from 2011-2013. In a total I have received 5 Awards while in School, along with my Graduation Certificate that was awarded to me this year. The training I got from their program involved, Cartooning, Animal Studies, Portrait Studies and alot more.

I can design many pieces such as Still Life, Anime Characters, Tattoo Designs, Logo Designs, Fantasy Animals and more. My strong points as far a medium goes is, Pencil, Pen and Inking. Paint has always been enjoyable but requires a bit more attention to work with, which of course, I am still working with nonstop. But like I said, Pencil and Pen and Ink are my strong points. Why? Black and White images have no limits, no right or wrong color scheme, and bring forth the depth of any picture you can think of.

I can also do simple Digital Art using a nice program called Paint Tool Sai. (still new to the Digital World) All depends on the piece in question however.

People have always said I should nurture my talents and blossom them into something other than just a hobby. Hence forth, the reason I enrolled in AIS in the first place. I would love for more than anything to have my talent observed and given the chance to put it to wonderful use in the Working World of Art. My lifelong goal is to have a job in Art I not only can't wait to get to start everyday, but also to get paid for my creativity. As everyday passes, so does my Artistic Visions.

(This is where people question my talents) When the average person thinks of Art, what comes to their mind? Vibrant Colors, Fancy Designs? While those are both acceptable they are not the only ones. I have always had a love for the Dark, the Unexplainable, the Mysterious. My work is based on Emotions, and Gothic Victorian Eras. Sometimes Gloomy, sometimes Enchanting. I tend to draw out Witches, Sorceresses, Angels, Fairies, Demons and lots of others. Most of my "Human-Based" work is Female. Why? Because when I see these images I see myself. Every character I design, a little piece of my soul goes with it. However, I have done Comics, and Children's stories as well. So my mind is very open when it comes to subjects. Just all depends on how I feel or the person asking what they want done.
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