Jyothi Dondero

Freelance Writer & Article Writer

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
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I am a skilled and versatile writer with over three years' experience as a freelancer. My academic background is in history, archaeology, and anthropology. I hold a BA in Social Sciences and I have worked widely as a museum collections specialist and a field researcher. Over the course of my freelance career I have written for a wide variety of online review sites, businesses, and journals, as well as a number of blog sites.

I am an excellent writer because I am truly passionate about what I do - put simply, I absolutely love to write. Moreover, I am a diligent and discerning researcher, able to distinguish between reliable information and baseless dross. I am an inquisitive person by nature and enjoy the process of researching into any topic - whatever the subject, I can write a compelling and engaging article on it. I can write web site copy, blogs, articles, and e-books, as well as academic essays and articles, which are my personal passion.

My turnaround time is also extremely fast and I can easily complete 50 to 60 high quality, well--written and well-researched articles within a week. I am very conscientious about deadlines and I make sure that I am always available to my clients if they need to reach me.
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Article Writing