Melissa Mercer

Freelance Article Writer & Book Writer

Location:London, Kentucky, United States
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I like to call myself, "a work in progress." Writing has always been my passion, as well as an outlet. I look at the world, a little differently, than everyone else. Regardless, of where life takes you, there is always a story to be told. Negativity is a major issue, in today's society, but if one can look at a negative situation, and portray it in a positive way, now that's literature.

I am definitely a fighter. I struggled through my adolescent and some of my adult years, but I refused to allow anything to stand in between me and my goals in life. I have a degree in Creative Writing, worked as a social worker for abused children, I am also an advocate for domestic violence victims, for I was once in their shoes. However, I am not a victim any longer. I am a strong survivor, and I make it a point to reach out to those in need of a little guidance, as well as hope.

I am a published author. " A Path Of Survival" I also work as a freelancer, and my experience includes, online advertising, article writing, short stories, ghostwriting, as well as poetry.

I take on subjects, other may turn away from, but my goal is to help people, and if I am unable to do so in person, then perhaps my words can reach someone in need.
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