Theodor Johann Tonsing

Freelance Document Designer & Book Designer

Location:Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
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Personal Details

Full Name: Theodor Tonsing
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Location: Hartbeespoort, South Africa (North West)
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Nationality: South Africa, South Africa
Date of Birth : 04/12/1960

I have a DBA in business management professional with more than 16 years of experience. I possess multiple skills covering many fields including – business development, organization management and marketing enhancement. I have been a managing director where I led a company of 50 trainers and consultants.

Expert/Specialist Business Consulting over 10 years
Solid Project Management over 10 years
Extensive Sales over 10 years
Expert/Specialist Interpersonal Management over 10 years
Expert/Specialist Leadership over 10 years
Expert/Specialist Human Resources Management over 10 years
Extensive Business Systems Improvement over 10 years
Extensive Financial Management and Accounting over 10 years
Expert/Specialist Business Management over 10 years
Solid Economic policy and development over 10 years

Education History

Doctorate Business Administration


Manufacturing Systems Management

BA Polit SC.


Institute of Marketing Management

Duration : 02/2001 - Current
Your Role : Professional Member

Institute of Personnel Management

Duration : 03/2000 - Current
Your Role : Fellow

International Institute of Management

Duration : 07/2003 - Current
Your Role : Associate

Institute of Business Advisors

Duration : 02/2008 - Current
Your Role : Professional Member


Current : Afrikaans Read, Write, Speak
Current : English Read, Write, Speak
01/1999 German Speak


05/2011 Structured, expanded and Grew to 50 Trainers and Consultants CTC
07/2010 Developed Operators WCM Programme SC Johnson Wax
01/2010 Initiated Developed and Commissioned E-Learning Platforms CTC
04/2009 Developed, Authored and Designed W C M Management Programme McCain South Africa
11/2007 Published 8 Books on Management and Leadership Bala Publishing, India Press
05/2006 Designed, Authored and Commissioned Construction Dev System WBHO
05/2002 Designed, Authored and Commissioned Construction Dev System Group 5
03/1996 Started and Build Convergence Training and Consulting CTC
08/1990 Managed and Improved International Sales Force The Academy
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Document Design
Book Design