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Ken Talaga

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Artist

Location:Sharon, Wisconsin, United States
Phone: 2627456814
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Ever since I was able & old enough to hold onto a crayon or piece of chalk I was drawing something. My interest in the arts grew as I matured and I drew as often as I could. In high school I filled my class schedule with as many art classes as possible. My studies in art included painting, ceramics, graphic arts & drawing. When I entered college I was fortunate enough to find a sculpture class instructed by Mike Helbing. His teaching methods and philosophies greatly influenced my approach to art and sculpture. It was from him that I was introduced to working with wood as a sculpting medium.
Inspiration for my various art works comes from a very simple source, life. Life inspires me. What I see around me from day to day inspires me.
The mediums I work in are; water color pencil, acrylics, pencil, pastels, pen & ink, polymer clay, wire, plaster, fabric, wood, & found objects. With these mediums I have completed wall murals, full size artificial trees, tattoo designs, children’s book illustrations, and other various drawings. Through the years I have added leather work, bead making, & copper jewelry to my repertoire.
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Animal Illustration