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Richard S. Decker

Objective: Obtain a position that with good analytical skills and hard work will have
the opportunity to learn new information, positions and gain responsibility.

Profile: Compliance Officer with experience working with the public answering questions
and researching information regarding federal rules and regulations.
Transportation Security Officer with four years experience providing last line of
defense against attacks on air travel. Superb analytical and logical skills gained while
earning Bachelor’s degrees in History and Biology. These skills further developed by work
as a chemist, an officer, and as a healthcare insurance analyst. Excellent oral communication
skills developed in many years of working with the public in both a professional capacity and
as a volunteer. Written communication skills developed by completing numerous reports and
papers for history degree. High-level customer service and communication skills.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in History- May 2002
Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology – August 1990
Overall GPA 3.05, History 3.85.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, training in PowerPoint.


From 2010 to present furthering my education and seeking full time employment.

OSHA, Department of Labor. Compliance Safety and Inspection Officer. August 2007-November, 2010 40 hrs/week
* Work as a duty officer in the office, answering the public’s questions and complaints regarding OSHA rules, regulations, and areas of jurisdiction. Learn when to refer questions to another officer, or other federal and state agencies. Research and answer complaints from business owners regarding inspections and fines levied against them.
* Learn Federal code requirements and go on inspections to ensure that safety rules are being followed at a variety of different businesses.
* Work extensively with workers and businesses owners to help them come into compliance with OSHA rules and regulations. Research any questions regarding these rules to ensure accurate information is disseminated to the business owners and the working public.
* Conduct accident investigations when referrals are received from various emergency responder departments. Gather any physical evidence relevant to the accident. Interview accident victims, witnesses, responders, and any other relevant individuals to ensure an accurate picture of the accident circumstances is obtained to determine if citations are warranted.
* Coordinate work with other federal, state, and town agencies, along with private organizations in order to accurately gather information for inspections, accident investigations, and for training purposes.

TSA, Dept. of Homeland Security. Security Officer. March 2003-Aug 2007 40+ hrs/week

* Screen passengers and baggage using state of the art x-ray and detection systems to ensure the safety of
air travelers.
* Worked as File Management Clerk with TSA administration installing National Archives filing system for all the departments at Bradley’s Administration headquarters. Assisted with logistics operations and any other office tasks that need to be completed. Six-month temporary duty assignment.
* Used the Performance Management Information System for accurate entry of a variety of performance metrics
to meet Congressional reporting mandates.
* Collateral duty as an On-the Job Training Monitor. Assist and teach new hire officers in proper security
techniques and procedures. Review SOP with new officers before they enter the operational areas of the airport.
Observe new hires and comment on all actions taken during the workday. This includes searching passengers
and their baggage.
* Serve on our Outreach committee. Our mission goal is to communicate TSA procedures, ideals, and goals to
the traveling and general public to make traveling more comfortable and efficient for the passengers. Contact
groups within desired demographics and set dates for presentations along with Q&A sessions. Learn skills
necessary to give presentations to various groups. Meet with committee to build baseline rules and procedures.

Went to school from 2001-2002 to earn history degree.
From 2002-2003(TSA hiring) I was working a variety of part-time jobs and searching for a full time position.

EAS LABORATORIES, Chemist, Lab Technician. Oct 1998-Oct 2001 40+hrs/week

* Run multiple lab procedures for various analyses and determine priority of testing requirements. Coordinated
work with all of the chemists there, as often, completion of their work would depend on the results of mine.
* Run multiple procedures concurrently to meet different scheduling priorities. Some procedures
would take overnight, while others twenty minutes, some a week, and others several hours.
* Coordinated procedures with rush samples from clients and testing procedures that had to be
completed to meet EPA or state DEP requirements.
* Entered completed results in online database to generate client reports.
* Wrote technical procedures for new analysis machine obtained by the laboratory using a combination of new information and formerly used older procedures.
* Worked closely with the supply manager to ensure stocking of proper supplies and equipment for the trace metals department. Was instrumental in persuading the laboratory manager to purchase a more efficient testing machine, which processed samples for testing at a much faster speed and lower cost.
* Ensured that all chain-of-custody regulations were followed for all samples processed by the department.

CIGNA HEALTHCARE, Benefit Analyst. Managed Care Health Insurance. Sept 1997 –Oct 1998 40+ hrs/week

* Mastered the complexities of managed care health insurance. Had the opportunity to
learn healthcare laws and regulations for several states as well as federal rules and internal
processing guidelines.
* Volunteered to assist with customer service and was successful in solving several difficult
problems for Cigna’s customers. This involved researching complex questions from customers
concerning incorrectly processed claims.
* Had the authority to release claims up to a value of one thousand dollars and was required to process a certain number per hour while meeting Cigna’s standards for accuracy. Met and exceeded those standards.

AWARDS: Scholarship: Bernard H. McCusker Scholarship
Scholarship: Connecticut Scholastic Achievement Grant Program

INTERESTS: Running, chess, collecting coins, computers, history
Volunteered at the Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill CT for 4 years.
Volunteered at Connecticut River Museum in Essex CT for 1 year.

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