Sharon Sanguedolce

Freelance Billboard Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Penfield, New York, United States
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I am a very active senior citizen, retired with plenty of time on my hands. I have a very
CREATIVE mind. My grandfather was a poet in his day. I somehow picked up his passion. I love to write, and have been doing so for years. Have not written my own novel yet, but would like to. Have never looked into the lojistics of finding a publisher. I would very easily
fit into any one of Neil Simon's plays. Married into a Sicilian family 40 years ago, and that
is fodder for a book, or a questions asked. Would love to assemble a group of aunts, uncles, cousins, stories from when they were children, until they became older adults and had their journeys thru life, as a wealth of material to gleen from. Who knows..............maybe a 3 act play on BROADWAY.
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Billboard Design
Logo Design