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Shenavery Cherry

Freelance Portrait Painter & Portrait Artist

Location:Greenville, North Carolina, United States
Phone: 252.367.8746
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Hello to all, my name is Shenavery Cherry. Im a self-employed, self-taught portrait artist. Graphite (pencil) and Acrylic are my main mediums but definitely not a stranger in oil and watercolour. I've been in the business over 10yrs and when it comes to qualifications, my work speak for itself. Art is my way of communicating, living, thinking, and coping. Art is everwhere: you can find it in a gallery but also near an abandon building. Art is just another form of speaking and its perfectly ok if you cant always understand the translation. Cling to diversity and live to be different is what I teach my children. In conclusion, a poem from me to you titled "Ca n'a pas D' importance"
By no means take for granted your philosophy isnt imperative
Not at all put forward your outlook to no purpose
In no way relegate your standing
On no account refrain from
Absolutely not
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Portrait Painting
Portrait Art