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Hugo Stefano Guedelha

Freelance Song Writer & Jingle Producer

Location:Corona Del Mar, California, United States
Phone: 949-706-7043
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My love for music has grow tenfold over 5 years. I like composer some music that I thought were good, and now having many music to publisher.

I like creat news sons and poem. I am a songwriter, composer and list goes on. I am full time musician. Today, I have lots of time to focus on my true passion, music. I am in charge of my time and can work on music projects whenever I want. This has helped me live my passion to fullest.

I am free to focus on my songwriting and compositions. I am a songwriter. I spend every day thinking about songs. I eavesdrop on people and use scraps of paper to write down interesting remarks I overhear. I look at blank pages in my writing book and wince because I want the next song NOW. I put all my energy into writing songs, and trying to write songs. Believe me, I am obsessed.

The satisfaction I feel when I complete a song is tremendous. Writing is difficult. I am always challenged to do my best. Sometimes I feel like songwriting should be called song rewriting, because I spend the majority of my time rewriting and rewriting until the song is right.

I believe the lyric is the most important part of a song. It is primary and fundamental. If the audience doesn't understand what you are saying, then you have not said anything. This bears repeating--if the audience does not understand what you have said, then you have not said anything.
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