Bianca Clark

Freelance Creative Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Marietta, Georgia, United States
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i'm bianca i am 22 years old, i have a 2 year old. i have many dream ; 1) to have a dance studio to teach kids of all ages any type of dance, 2) to have a modeling search offices to help put people where they be point, 3) to sing all over the world, to meet new amazing people, of different culturals, 4) to be put in movies/shows to act like myself, to show who i am(just with a different name:) ), and last 5) to write, because on a paper i can let my self be free. i can let all my feelings out on that one sheet of piece of paper, to let everything i feel out on that paper, mad, angry, sad, happy, excited, frigthen, glad. every type of emotion i feel, i let out.
i'm a writer at heart, and everything else by soul and spirit, i take on everything around me.
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Poem Writing