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My name is Jamie and I am a 37 year old stay at home mother of 2 boys. People always told me it would get easier as they got older, not true. It cost me more now than ever before, oh yeah they are 18 and 16.
Growing up I had a great child hood, and then I turned 17. I knew it all and my parents did not know anything. All they would say was I told you so. So as soon as I graduated I moved in with the man of my dreams, little did I know at the time he was also several other girls dream guy at the same time. Well, I got knocked up and his dad made us get married. You know how your wedding night is supposed to be romantic? Well I found him in a car pants down going to town with another girl. Again, my parents said, I told you so.Any normal person would have walked out, but I never once said I was smart. He said he was really drunk and he thought it was me.
Two years after we were married I had my second child with the man of my dreams, I found out that two weeks later, he had his 3rd child, and I was not the mother. I had to have hysterectomy, And then he announced as if he had something really cool to say, right in front of my family, he had found the girl of his dreams and it wasn't me. And so he left me and our children sitting there at my parents house. No money, no job, no place to live, instead of saying something inspiring, or hugging me, my wonderful parents said I told you so.
Then we were divorced, oh yea by the way this is all happened by the time I was 20 .
So that is only a 3 year portion of my life. Usually this happens when your in your 30s.
I have so much more comedic, traumatic, and humiliating things I would love to share and be part of your team. Thank you for you time, Jamie Wilken