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Rochelle Harper

Freelance Comic Writer & Proofreader

Location:Ozark, Alabama, United States
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Because I am not a fan of tooting my own horn, I will try to keep this introduction brief. My name is Rochelle Harper and I am an aspiring writer trying to create my own superheroine webcomic series. While at this time I do not have professional experience in script or comic writing, which is why I ranked my skills so low, I am a quick study, a hard worker, and always full of new ideas and concepts which I hope readers would enjoy.

The project I would most like to work on is the superheroine comic series I mentioned above, which would be set in a dystopian near-future and mixes heavy fantasy elements with lighter sci-fi themes and setting. I hope to find an artist who is comfortable with drawing both genres. While this is the story I would be most interested in working on, since it is the most fleshed out, I am willing and eager to create new stories and try my hand working with a talented artist.

Given my inexperience, I am not expecting a paid job and would prefer to work in collaboration with someone who, preferably, has more practical knowledge in this field. To anyone interested, I do have a professional website designer willing to help create a custom site for the comic, experience working with various online advertising and marketing tools, and have already arranged to affiliate with several large forums hosting tens of thousands of members. I can’t promise immediate pay, but I am optimistic that this project would attract a large audience and hopefully generous ads.
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