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Bruce Brier

I was most recently the Veterans Drug Court coordinator for Pierce County Superior Court and worked to ensure that the veterans that have developed problems with the legal system because of a dependency on drugs or alcohol, are provided court approved treatment for their addictions and assisted in getting any benefits from the Veterans Administration, as well as all of the Veteran groups that provide aide to veterans. I also provided counseling and intervention for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury and Military ****** Trauma. I prepared numerous articles for administration of grant issues, as well as articles that applied to the Veteran's that were in the program, judicial staff, and others as needed.

I have been a prison chaplain for 10 years (2001 -2011), and have counseled over 200 inmates with varying behavior problems, including ****** offenders and have over 1400 hours counseling experience, and maintained detailed documents. I have experience counseling for divorce recovery, marriage, family, individual, drug, alcohol intervention as well as personal Christian values and growth, managing and proofreading articled written by inmates for specialty papers.

I also served as an instructor at the Arizona Department of Corrections Academy for several years. I was certified to teach at the academy and at the individual institutions.

I have numerous certifications from the International Stress Foundation for Critical Incident Stress Management as noted on my this resume.

I have been a Church treasurer for 2 different churches (1994 – 2001), and have completed 2 courses provided by the IRS on church and charity taxes, finances and accountability.

I was the Pastor and CFO of a large church in Queen Valley Baptist Church and have experience in formatting, researching and preparing budgets.

I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer (1979 – 2000), and as a result I have an understanding of legal requirements and am not hesitant to call police to have someone arrested.

I am also a retired Firefighter/Paramedic (2001 -2006), and have developed a keen understanding of the body and can detect when someone is high. During my time as a firefighter for the two Fire District's, I served as the business manager and assistant grant writer and co-authored grants amounting in $85,000.00 for equipment and training.

I have experience running a family wedding/catering business (1980 – 1993) and successfully prepared meals and wedding cakes for approximately 35 couples, and produced approximately $5000.00 per year. I was the CFO for the business and learned about quarterly taxes and employee benefits.

I have extensive training in the medical field from both Military and civilian training for more than 30 years.

1. Resume: Dr. Bruce Brier

Address: 1325 Belmont Ave Centralia, WA 98531

Marital Status: Married with 2 grown children and 5 grand-children

Employment History

January 2012 to October 29, 2012 Pierce County Superior Court
I was hired as Veterans Drug Court Coordinator and as such I acted as a liaison between the court and all Veterans assistance groups, including the Veterans Administration. I was also responsible for maintaining a database on each clients of their court appearances and their treatment regime. I was required to appraise the court of grant specifications that are or are not being met.

I also interviewed and counseled individuals to determine the presence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury or Military ****** Trauma in each client. I have received specialized training in working with people addicted to drugs and alcohol

May 2001 to May 2011 Arizona Department of Corrections
As a Chaplain, I am responsible for 74 religions within the Department, and provide for their constitutionally established needs, like religious property allowed under the safety practices of the Institution, providing diet and grooming waivers for those denominations that have advised that these items are absolutely needed for an individual to practice his faith.

I also provide counseling to inmate's for a variety of problems including family emergency situations and death of family members. I have counseled over 200 inmates and have over 1400 hours counseling experience. I have provided counseling for divorce recovery, marriage family, individual, and drug, alcohol intervention as well as personal Christian values and growth. I specialized in counseling the youngest inmates (the 18-20 year old).

2002 – 2007 I became certified as a firefighter/EMT at a Canyon Fire Department. I also assisted in grant writing for the department.

December 1999 – May 2001

I was a Pastor and CFO, of Queen Valley Baptist Church, Queen Valley Arizona, a church of mainly of retired members. I was successful in conducting baptisms for approximately 5 adults and 18 youth.

During this time I also became certified as an EMT and volunteered many hours at Queen Valley Fire Department. I also received specialized training in grant writing and am responsible for a grant of $80,000.00 for equipment to the Department.

May 1979 to December 1999

Deputy Sheriff of Maricopa County Phoenix, Arizona. Law Enforcement career with enforcement of all laws, arrests, community policing, DUI task forces.


Christian Education
Doctor of Christian Counseling November 2009 – November 2010
Andersonville Baptist Seminary Camilla, GA
Masters of Divinity March 2006 – March 2004
Andersonville Baptist Seminary Camilla, GA
Bachelor's Degree in Divinity January 2004 –February 2000
Andersonville Baptist Seminary Camilla, GA
Specialized Education
Critical Incident – Manmade and Natural Disasters September 2006 Chandler, AZ
Critical Incident – Counseling and Mental Illness June 2005 San Diego, Ca
Certified Training in RLUIPA April 2005 Tucson, AZ
(Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act)

Critical Incident – ******* Intervention & Prevention April 2005 San Diego, CA
Critical incident – Line of Duty Death September 2003 Phoenix, AZ
Critical Incident – Advanced Stress Management September 2003 Phoenix, AZ
Pastoral Crisis intervention February 2003 Phoenix, AZ
Critical Incident Stress Management February 2003 Phoenix, AZ
Individual Crisis Intervention & Peer Support February 2003 Phoenix, AZ
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