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Location:Round Lake, Illinois, United States
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I am a oddly, curiously and often inappropriately funny guy, who happens to be a lawyer, writer, editor and journalist. When I'm not writing legal briefs or appearing in court, I'm writing funny product descriptions for a naughtly clothing site, or doing medical editing for 4 overseas medical journals. My humor is infectious (catching, but treatable) and I have a warped sense of the big funny that is matched by few others. Make me part of your comedy team, or make me the sole participant in your comedy team, and I can guarantee you that we will sell a lot of hot dogs, and spend a good portion of time at the local ER, being treated for rib injuries for laughing so much.

I have a undergraduate degree in English Literature, and a law degree, and a degree in making even boring people without expressions on their faces chuckle, and then roar. I can write for radio, for television, for newspapers, magazines, it's just crazy the breadth and width of my lunacy. You can purchase shares of this lunacy, for a limited time only, if you are one of the first 40 callers. Call now!
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