Daniel Clark

Freelance Album Designer & Graphic Designer

Location:Richmond, Virginia, United States
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804-869-1979 www.wix.com/bigdcstudio/offset


Biltmore Baptist Church
2011 New Folder Style Brochure
As chair of the publicity committee it was my pleasure and duty to create
a new brochure to give perspective members a window into the ministry opportunities in the church.

Noorani Kabab House
2011 Restaurant Menu
I was hired by the owners to create a visually stunning menu with text and imagery.

2010 Web and Print Banner Design
After putting an ad in the Byrd Theater, a client contacted me about creating a banner design that could be used for both web and print.

Baughan/Melvin Wedding
2010 Wedding Stationary
I was approached by a co-worker who needed stationary for his upcom-ing wedding. I designed invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you cards.

Mirch Masala, Indo-Chinese Restaurant
2010 Restaurant Menu
After eating with my co-workers at Royal India for several weeks the owner approached me and inquired if I had any design skills. After respond¬ing yes, he hired me to create a menu for his new Indo-Chinese restaurant.


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 2006 - 2008
Desktop Publisher

In 2006, after a long search for a job I was hired by a temp agency to work for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. In the beginning, my duties were limited to working only on the Sunday bulletin. The bulletin was set up in Quark Express, a program I had not used for several years. In two short weeks, I was able to re-master the program and began making my own templates for a more legible and user friendly bulletin. The temp position was only supposed to last for six months, however the Parish Administrator was so impressed with my work that he decided to hire me as full time staff.
In February, I was officially hired as support staff and given the position of desktop publisher. The new position increased my responsibilities to include new forms of printed documents. One of those new documents was a full color education brochure, the first one the church had ever used. My superiors were so pleased with my work that I was given a raise and full reign over most of the printed documents. One of those documents was a walking tour brochure. St. Paul’s is a historical attraction for civil war buffs during the spring months when tourism is high in the state’s capital. The church has eleven Tiffany and Co. stained glass windows, four of which depict Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. My job was to design a brochure that allowed an individual to walk the windows with the brochure as a guide. Unfortunately, in 2008 my time there was cut short when my position was downsized for budgetary reasons.

Ukrop’s Supermarkets 2004 - 2006
Store Graphic Artist

In the summer of 2004, a job opened up for a store graphic artist at the Crossridge Ukrop’s location. The posi¬tion was only part time which worked out great for me seeing as how I attended school full time during the week. The store graphic artist’s job was to create hand rendered advertisements for the store’s promotions, ads, sales, etc. It required an keen understanding of typography and how to render type correct¬ly using only visual media. After seeing my portfolio, they hired me that day and I started two weeks later after training and orientation. My first task was to redesign the kitchen boards and start putting up text around the perishable departments. Over the next few months I honed my skills at rendering type and was able to create dynamic advertisements using only text as a visual. The store manager was pleased with my work and asked if I would be willing to put text around the entire store and create a mural for the floral department.
In 2005, the manager of the in-store bank asked if I would be willing to do graphics for him and my work load increased to the point where all I did was design work at the store. Over time, I incorporated digital work in to the ad rotations for special events like the Monu¬ment Ave. 10K, and Relay for Life. In 2006, I decided to resign from Ukrop’s. My school work load was too heavy for work and school combined. I left on good terms and ended my employment at Ukrops.


Home Depot - October 2009 to the present
Merchandising Execution Associate
Tasks include; setting bays to plan-o-gram, building lighting fixtures, and instructing store associates on product knowledge.

Wal-mart (Shortpump) - April 2009 to October 2009
Dairy Associate
Tasks included; stocking the dairy cooler, moving freight, stocking the dairy isle, and customer service.


Virginia Commonwealth University 2001 - 2006
Bachelors of Fine Arts, Painting and Printmaking

Nossi College of Art, Goodlettsville TN. 1998 - 2000
Associate Degree of Occupational Studies, Illustration and
Commercial Art

Varina High School 1994 - 1998
High School Diploma (Art Honors Society, Music Honors Society, BETA Club)


I have been working in the design field for over four years and in that time have gained extensive knowledge in traditional graphic design. Art is as much a part of my life as the air I breathe. I am proud to say that I am actively involved in the growing art scene in down¬town Richmond, VA.
I see one of my major strengths being my adaptability. I am able to jump easily from be¬ing a designer, to a fine artist, to illustrator, to decision maker. This adaptability can also be seen in my design work where I am able to handle any task I’m given, be it illustration, Power Point presentations, or print.


Over the years I have tried my best to hone my skills, not only in the work place but through self training and taking classes to learn skill sets that I do not have yet. This journey started in Goodlettsville, TN and has not stopped and never will stop. Even though I am not in an office setting I still prac¬tice my crafts daily, this resume style is an example of that.

Adobe Photoshop 13 years
Between training and professional experience

Adobe Illustrator 8 years
Between training and professional experience

Adobe InDesign 10 years
Between training and professional experience

Microsoft PowerPoint 10 years
Between training and professional experience

Website Design
This is the one area where I lack the most skills and am currently enrolled in a website design program.

Color Pencil/Graphite Pencil 15 years
Professional experience

Typography10 years
Professional experience

Photography 8 years
Professional experience

Thanks for taking the time to look over my resume. If you haven’t already done so please visit my portfolio at: www.bigdcstudio.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon. References available upon request



Repressed IV - Featured Piece; I Prayed in the Name Of, 2010 - Exhibited at: Gallery 5

National Arts Program, Professional All Media Show - Featured Pieces; Knight of the Old Code, Red Beam, 2009 Exhibited at: Pine Camp Arts and Community Center

Fantasy Art Show - Featured Pieces; Attack Mode Metabee, Named for the First, 2009 - Exhibited at: Creatures and Crooks Book Shop

Repressed IV - featured Pieces; The Price of Progress, Blood Sweat and Profit, 2009 - Exhibited at: Gallery 5

St. Paul’s Art Show - Featured Pieces; Poe Desk, 16th Century Knight, 2008
Exhibited at: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

National Arts Program, Professional All Media Show - Featured Piece Won Honorable Mention, 2008 Piece - Poe Desk Exhibited at: Pine Camp Arts and Community Center

Repressed II - Featured Piece; Prime Series #2, Morning for the Death of Morality, 2007 - Exhibited at: Gallery 5

RED Art Show - Featured Piece was Sold Opening Night, 2007 Piece - Prime Series #1, 9/11 In My Perspective - Exhibited at: Gallery 5

The History of Richmond Art Show - Featured Piece; Church Hill Train, 2006 - Exhibited at: Gallery 5

Interaction 28 - Featured Piece; Forgotten Hero, 2006 - Exhibited at: The Fishbowl Gallery

All Media Show - Featured Piece Opening Night, 2006 Piece - Freedom Exhibited at: Gallery 5

Works on Paper - Featured Piece Sold Opening Night, 2006 Piece - Rockteer Exhibited at: Gallery 5
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