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Location:Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
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Joseph Roumen Jerand, Born in Eastern Europe- Sofia Bulgaria, 1993 on January 3rd. He was Adopted at the age of 4 and brought to the U.S by a loving family, Gary and Karin Jerand. With not knowing any english it took Joseph 4 months to learn the American language, “Since he learned English he hasn’t stopped talking since”(-Mom)Over the years Joe was brought up with music, sitting at the piano hours on end just playing random melodies and making new ones you knew this kid had a future in music! Percussion was definitely a big part of his life beating on pots and pans from joining the Drum line in High school. With growing up things changed… “I think the hardest years of my life were in middle school, trying to find who I was and being made fun of allot it created a hard atmosphere to be at school” (–Joe) When Joe got into high school he knew there had to be a change, he started getting involved… Band, Choir and Theatre… this created opportunities for him. Joe has made leads in school shows like, The Music Man. His freshmen year he performed at his school talent show singing- Miley Cyrus, The Climb. The theatre sat 600+ people, packed house. No one was expecting Joe to be “GOOD”, when Joe got on the crowd roared and so he sang. With the completion of the song he received a standing ovation… “Driving home after the talent show I knew this was what I wanted to do… Perform” (–Joe) After the show a man came up to him, a talent scout, he said that he enjoyed his performance, he knew Joe would be a success. In the last year and a half David, the talent scout, has helped Joe “GET OUT THERE” shopping to Major labels, he has received nothing but positive reviews. Recently Joe’s mom wanted him to get a manager before he ventured into a label endeavor.
Joe Jerand produced and created a song for fun called “No Life Regrets” A few days later many were asking to hear it so it was finally put on the radio as hundreds have asked for the song. He took the song off the air months later.
Recently Joe gave 600 copies of his newest song “OBSESSED”
Teens are also talking about this 18 year old…
“It is something that I don’t really listen to but when I heard this iv actually started liking music like this” "to tell you the truth since you sent me the song I have not stopped listening to it"
Many management's, and people are raving about him.
"We collectively agree that Joe sounds great! We have certainly worked with artists in his genre and demographic, and have done so successfully.
“Simply an artist with a love for music that is very talented" -MBK ENTERTAINMENT(Successors like Alicia Keys)
"Unique but yet something people would want to hear again and again! - Tate Music Group