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To whom it may concern:

I have over 22 years experience as an educator, writer, an editor. Specifically, as a humanities lecturer of Monash University's Jakarta Campus I taught Media Studies, Language Use in the Media, Intro to Communications, Academic Writing, Business Report Writing, and so on. I have also taught Creative Writing in private schools in Jakarta, such as the Jakarta International Korean School, and Pa Hoa Chinese School. Moreover, I have taught the journalists of Kompas (an Indonesian nationally syndicated newspaper), as well as the employees of PT. Gramedia (the premier Indonesian publishing house).

As a writer, editor, and translator I have written for the Jakarta Post (Indonesia's oldest nationally syndicated English newspaper), "The Listening Post", American Language Training's company newsletter), as well as having started an autobiography entitled "A Life of Perfect Error", for which, in 2010, I received an offer for it to be published in a New Zealand literary publication (Editor: Steven Wes).

My editing and translating experience includes editing the official correspondence of the Dean of Monash University-Jakarta Campus. Furthermore, I translated from Indonesian to English the Doctorate and Master's brochures of the University of Indonesia's Dean of the Graduate and Post-Graduate Business Management and Economics Faculty, in addition to Dean's letters of recommendation. Moreover, I have edited and translated investment booklets for the Regent of Keerom Regency in Irian Jaya Barat, Indonesia.

In short, I am able to bring to any editing task experience drawn from a variety of writing backgrounds. Finally, I am acquainted with great writers stretching back to antiquity and encompassing most cultures (in the 1980s I regulary subscribed to "Short Story International").

In closing, what follows below is my resume:

Mark T. Rex, May 28, 2011
2608 Ocean Blvd S
Whispering Surf, #305
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577

OBJECTIVE: To obtain employment as a Writer, Editor, Psychologist, Linguist, Translator, Educator, Administrator, Public Speaker, Entertainer (TV/Radio),etc.


Political Connections
741B, Commerce Place
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577
843-839-9336: Tabitha Tindall
F/T TSR: 01/07/2011-present
-contacting registered voters to obtain a political view or action, e.g. agreeing to being patched through to a legislator's office
-adhering to company protocol
-observing telemarketing etiquette
-translating English to Spanish and then utilizing it in calls

Kohl's Dept. Stores, Inc.
8646 Hwy. 17 Bypass S.
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29575
843-650-3323: Ladonna Carnucci
P/T Seasonal Adset Associate: 11/02/-12/31/2010
-updating and posting sale signs
-assisting and influencing customer requests
-engaging in floor management
-moving stock

American Language Center
Jl. Warung Buncit, No. 46
Jakarta, Indonesia
021-797-5156: Sonny Carlsen
Academic Coordinator: 10/04/1988-02/2000; 03/2004-07/22/2010
-assisting and advising administrative and teaching staff
-designing and selecting materials
-giving presentations to and liaising with clientele
-teaching as required, including Business Report Writing, Oral Presentation Skills, International Banking and Finance, Negotiating Skills, English for Academic Purposes, Academic Writing, Customer Care Management, GRE, GMAT, SAT and TOEFL Prep, Bank Loan Report Writing, etc.
-conducting teacher-training workshops
-co-hosting twice-weekly English radio program

University of Indonesia
Graduate and Post-Graduate Economic and Business Management Faculty
PAV Bldg. 2nd Flr. Main Campus, Depok, West Java, Indonesia
021-787-0164: Mbak Nurul
P/T Temporary Business Communications Honorary Lecturer: 01-06/2008
-designing, teaching and evaluating a Business Communication Skills
-translating Doctorate and Master's Programs brochure from Indonesian to English and the Dean's letters of recommendation
-writing student evaluations and class reports

Jl. Iskandar Duta, 100
Pondok Indah, Jakart, Indonesia
021-722-7121: Mbak Besti
English Instructor and Academic Advisor: 01/2006-03/2010
-taught Business Law, the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS Prep, Academic Writing, Business Report Writing, Legal English, Audit Report Writing, International Banking and Finance, Banking Transactions, Banking Correspondence, etc.
-wrote teacher-training proposals, tests, student evaluations, course progress reports, etc.

In addition, while working for American Language Center, Interlingua and several other English language schools, I taught at the following companies/ministries:

Bank Indonesia
Bank Negara Indonesia
Bank Buana
Bank Niaga
Bank Papan Sejahtera
Permata Bank
Standard and Chartered Bank
Deutsche Bank
Bank Mitsubishi/Bank of Tokyo
Industrial Bank of Japan
Haga Bank
Credit Suisse
Danareksa (Government Financial House)
KDEI (Indonesian Stockbroker Firm)
Price Waterhouse Coopers


BP Migas


DPR/MPR (Indonesian Parliament)
SecNeg (Indonesian National Secretariat General)
Australian Embassy-Jakarta
Tax Ministry of Indonesia
Ministry of Sea and Fisheries
Indonesian National Police Academy
Indonesian Ministry of Forestry
Indonesian Maritime Ministry
Indonesian Plantations Ministry
Indonesian Agricultural Ministry
Indonesian Maritime and Fisheries Ministry
Ernst and Young
Indonesian Dept. of Transportation
Gramedia (Indonesian National Publishing Co.)
Kompas (Nationally-syndicated Indonesian Newspaper)
Pertamina Hospital
TNT (Australian Document Delivery Co.)
Indonesian Body for Exports and Imports
BAPEPAM (Indonesian Stock Exchange Oversight Ministry)
BPK and BPKP (National Auditing Bodies)

LP3I (Indonesian Institute for Business Studies and Development)
Jl. Matraman Raya, No. 87
Jakarta, Indonesian
Contact Person: Hajra Asti
P/T Business Studies Lecturer: 04/2004-09/2005
-taught Business Report Writing, Oral Presentation Skills, Business Communication Skills, English Structure, etc.

Monash College (Jakarta Campus) /Jakarta International College
Bumi Daya Plaza, Podium Block, 2nd Flr.
Jl. Imam Bonjol 61
Jakarta, Indonesia
021-3983-4061: Daniel Carducci
P/T Humanities Lecturer: 02-12/2005
-Social Psychology
-Intro to Communications
-Organizational Communications
-Media Studies
-Language Use in the Media
-Academic Writing
-Business Report Writing
-Oral Presentation Skills
-editing the Dean's official correspondence

Jakarta International Korean School
Jl. Bina Marga, No. 25
Jakarta, Indonesia
021-489-3783: Simon Townley
Secondary School Senior English Teacher: 03/2000-02/2004
-teaching Academic Writing, TOEFL Prep, Public Speaking, General English, Creative Writing, etc.
-creating oral exams
-contributing to the supplementary material archives
-coaching basketball

US Embassy-Jakarta
Jl. Merdeka Selatan
Jakarta, Indonesia
(62) (21) 3435-9000: Nicholas J. Ware, III, Political Affair Attache
Contractual English Instructor, Translator and Courier : 11/1990-04/1992
-recruited to forward monthly communications from a government contact in Medan, North Sumatra to the US Embassy-Jakarta, and
-teach a recently-promoted Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI) Brig. General and his spouse English in order to ascertain the former's potential as an intelligence asset
-offered additional assignments as they arose, such as teaching English at the People's Democratic Republic of Vietnam's Jakarta Embassy

Oakland County Courthouse
Central Services
1200 N. Telegraph Rd.
Pontiac, MI, 48053
248-666-2091: Dave Martin
Senior Offset Printer: 06/15/1975-09/09/1988
-operating various offset presses and bindery room equipment
-filing courthouse documents
-performing the county-wide mail delivery


-Worked for 12 years (10/1988-12/2000) as a radio co-host for “The Listening Post”, a twice-weekly English radio program aired on Radio Sonora in Jakarta, Indonesia.
-Employed from 05/1994-06/1995 as a co-host on a weekly call-in English radio program for TriFM, also in Jakarta, Indonesia.
-Worked from September of 1995 to April of 2009 as a TV and motion picture actor for various Indonesian media.
-Contributed newspaper articles to American Language Center's (ALC) twice-weekly column - “The Listening Post” - in the Jakarta Post, a nationally-syndicated English newspaper.
-Wrote articles regularly for ALC's school newsletter, also named “The Listening Post”.
-translated an investment booklet from Indonesian to English for the Keerom Regency Government of Irian Jaya Barat, Indonesia (July 2007; Dr. Prof. Gerrod von Hodder: 081-514089185)
-edited occupational personality profile entrance test for Dr. Prof. Gerrod von Hodder (June 2005)


MA Linguistics: Specialization: TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), GPA: 3.84
Oakland University; 08/25/1986-06/23/1988
Rochester, MI

BA Psychology with High Distinction, GPA: 3.88
Wayne State University; 04/1979-12/11/1981
Detroit, MI


Minored in Spanish as an undergraduate and undertook one graduate level course in Cuban, Puerto-Rican and Chicano Linguistics, Indonesian, Batak, Javanese, Sundanese, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai and Myanmarese (all Southeast Asian languages studied independently)


-International TESOL
-Psi Chi National Honor Society
-Blue Key National Honor Society
-Certificate for Superior Academic Performance and Exceptional Accomplishment in the Field of Psychology (WSU Psych. Dept.)
-Member of the Council of Professors (04/2009-present; Contact Person: Dr. Prof. Yan) of the International English Bible Institute -Jl. Sudirman, No. 98, Semanggi Interchange, Jakarta, Indonesia (accredited by the American University of Santa Monica, CA). Duties include appearing thrice-yearly at commencement exercises and giving a speech entitled “The Importance of Life-Long Learning”. For this was awarded the following:
-Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy
-Honorary PhD. In Psychology


Microsoft Word, Windows and Excel
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