Maria Tyger

Freelance Creative Writer & Journalistic Writer

Location:Rochester, Pennsylvania, United States
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So, I lost my job a year ago. Yes--it has been a difficult one, and yes--cash is harder to come by. I have three teenagers (yikes) and a husband. This past year, though, through its challenges, has brought me "home" in a sense. Let me explain...

When I was in third grade, I started writing stories, and even had the courage to go in front of the class and read them. Some of them were "fanfiction-y," type stories (remember the Hardy Boys? I was all over that...) and others were original. My friends loved them and would beg me to continue, so they knew what happened and how the story resolved itself--they had become emotionally invested in the characters I had created. English classes were not a challenge--it seemed as if I had a gift, and by the time I graduated high school, I earned the unchallenged honor of recording the highest score ever on aptitude tests for English, even above our Valedictorian.

Fast forward three years...For some reason unknown to me now,I abandoned my love of writing and became a Psychology major. I have no explanation other than I had a crush on a guy and he was a Psych major, too. Anyway, I joined the ranks of kid-restrainers and head-shrinkers for almost 22 years, and, as many a psych major can attest, I burned out...

Switching careers, isn't easy. As a matter of fact, it stinks. BUT I can say that I have been returning to my strengths, and my gift. I write--and you know what? I'm GOOD AT IT. I picked up a lot of skills when I was a therapist, but very little of them naturally; writing to me is like breathing, and BOTH are gifts. If I hold either in, I die.

I'm looking for a paying position, preferably with some creative flexibility. I love watching television, as well as writing about Christianity and faith and how I've been blessed again, time after time. If you want your readers to be hooked and entertained and wanting to come back for more, I'm your girl. Thanks for reading!