Lauren Haynes

Freelance Writer & Report Writer

Location:Bloomington, Indiana, United States
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Indiana University, Bloomington, IN December 2013
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Folklore
Minor in Music Studies

Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL August 2010-May 2011

Butler University, Indianapolis, IN January 2010-May 2010
Dean’s List; Honors

Writing and Editing Experience
Trickster Press, Bloomington, IN August 2012-December 2012
Editing Intern
• Copy edited a large manuscript, including adding proper citations, correcting grammatical
errors, and adding suggestions for word usage
• Conducted research related to the manuscript; called and emailed for permission to cite
articles used in the text

Cardinal Outreach Program, Bloomington, IN June 2012-August 2012
Researcher and Article Writer
• Conducted research on To **** A Mockingbird and the Civil Rights movement in the Indiana
University archives
• Wrote numerous articles on research findings
• Worked with Indiana University Professor Ellen MacKay on research findings and
publication of articles on the Cardinal Outreach Program’s website

Non-Profit Experience
VITAL, Bloomington, IN June 2013-present
English Tutor Volunteer
• Prepared lesson plans and tutored adults seeking to learn English as a second language
• Communicated and collaborated with other tutors on ideas for lesson plans

Highland Park Elementary School, Bloomington, IN January 2013-May 2013
• Volunteered to watch a second grade class at recess duty
• Conducted fieldwork while watching the kids
• Wrote a paper on findings: Gender Construction and Friend Formation Through Gossip:
A Look Into a Girls’ Group’s Gossip on ‘Who’s Dating Whom’ in a Second Grade Class

Marketing Experience
Indiana Festival Theatre, Bloomington, IN June 2013-August 2013
Marketing Intern
• Conducted research on demographics relating to the theatre audience of Bloomington
• Distributed brochures and other informational material pertaining to the plays
• Wrote a blog on what I was doing every week, specifically relating to the behind the scenes action

Other Work Experience
Nick’s English Hut, Bloomington, IN June 2012-present
• Dealt with many challenging personalities on a regular basis and kept orders and money
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Report Writing