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Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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About Promotion Studios

Started in 2013, Our overview is to provide a full spectrum of creative services from different mediums of artistic professionalism dedicated to the service of business & personal needs. Our staff consist of a large group of creative professionals developed & skilled in post production and retouching anything in from glam to all natural.

ProMotion Studios is a creative fine artistry company that specializes in providing photographic services throughout the Greater Atlanta area. Although were known mainly from our photographic solutions for businesses and personal clients we also provided other useful services. Through our work we developed a steady client base which made our work loads quite busy we brought other professionals in on what services we provided and since called ourselves Promotion Studios. Our photography services range from portraits, products, head-shots, weddings, family reunions, private events to so much more. Our gorgeous photographic technique and personable service will help bring your professional image to the next level.


Our Goal

Professionalism is a landmark in our company, so not only do we appeal to non-commercial (i.e. families, or individual people) but to business/commercial minded clients as well. Our company creates memories to last, and products to promote. As we here at ProMotion Studios say, “ You think it, We do it!” whether you're an established brand or company, an independent artist or just a regular experiential your satisfaction is our goal! Many of our clients, here at ProMotion Studios, are enthusiastic about our doing business with us, because they see something that is unique and tailor to fit their very own personalities; That’s is something you don’t see often.We are aimed to establish a long termed networking relationship between all of our clients, ranging from somewhere in the Universe to neighbor next door! I know that is a wide range, but that’s just an idea of our determination, loyalty, and dream.


Staff and Services

Our staff consist of a large group of creative professionals developed in skills to deliver cutting edge and creative material.

We provide "Printing" services
++Comp Cards++
++ Business Cards++
++Yard Signs++

We provide "Media" services

++Song Writing++
++Mixing & Mastering++
++Voice Overs++

We provide "Design" services

++Graphic Design++
++Artwork ++
++Press Kits++
++Logo Creation++
++ Website Design++
++ Product Catalog++
++Promotional Materials++

We provide "Imaging" services

++Make-up Artistry++
++Image Consulting++