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Iwan du Preez

Freelance Advertising Videographer, Commercial Videographer, & More

Location:Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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Good day to who’s reading my profile. I’m one of the more privileged people who’s able to see his occupation not just as “work” but as a passion. I’ve been involved in the industry for 4 years, but don’t let the figure frighten you or tell you I’m a lesser video editor. I’ve done a lot of work which include working on movie sets as well as soaps. I’ve done live show editing, short films, adverts, interviews, podcasts as well as weddings.

I strive on delivering quality work to once off and longterm clients alike as well as meeting deadlines. I'm not frightened or intimidated by challenging projects that get handed to me, in fact I welcome them. How else can I better my skills and learn more if not through long hours, little sleep and work that pushes personal boundaries and force you from your comfort zone.

I offer my services to anyone who needs a project done. No matter of the scale, detail or challenge. I edit any kind of video (platform of choice being Adobe Premiere) and I'm familiar with outputs and resolutions. I also have experience in After Affects as a motion artist. Whether you need text based animations, shape layers, colour correction or grading.