Ben Choo

Freelance Animator & Flash Designer

Location:Sylmar, California, United States
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Benjamin Choo
9556 Via Milano Burbank, Ca 91504
Phone 818-383-5530 (C) 661-200-5530 (H) Email:
Ichat: Skype: mightybenchoo
Directing: Both 3d and Flash animations. An in depth experience with the whole production process. Directed artists, voice
talent, story boarders, animatic editors, overseas animation studios, and post production. This is a position I thoroughly
Editing: Began editing with Adobe Premiere 17 years ago, and have not stopped editing since. Continued learning other
editing applications: Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and After Effects.
Animating: Have trained formally in traditional character animation. Animated in Flash for 12 years.
Flash (12 years): Possess a strong knowledge of this application and have trained numerous people to use it professionally.
Created several scripts that facilitate the animation process as well as assigning mouth shapes for dialogue.
Maya (10 years): Maya generalist. Used Maya professionally. Consistently gaining knowledge of this amazing application.
Major Applications: Photoshop, Storyboard Pro, with a working knowledge of Protools and Zbrush.
2012- 2013 Moonscoop Entertainment (Chloe's Closet - 52x11 min episodes)
Responsible for the creation of 52/11 minute episodes. Included the approval of props, characters, and
background designs. Directed a team to complete storyboards and animatics, called for animation retakes
in Post Production.
2012 Moonscoop (Kabillion)
Completely reorganized the media library to make it more efficient for creating edits for online content.
Edited programing for on screen announcements, commercial advertisements, and promotions.
Assistant Director
2011-2012 Moonscoop Entertainment (Hero 108 - 52x11 min episodes)(Cartoon Network)
Responsibilities included directing voice actors and storyboards, reviewing and editing animatics.
Assistant Director
2010-2011 Moonscoop Entertainment (Zevo-3 - 26x22 min episodes)(Nicktoons)
Worked alongside Director to review and edit animatics to prepare them for final approval.
Post Production Editor
2009-2010 Moonscoop Entertainment (Lionel Train)(Dvd)
Responsible for assembling, and editing feature length dvd. Also responsible for creating 3d intro and
visual effects.
2008-2009 Moonscoop Entertainment (Casper Scare School -first season- 52x11 min episodes)
Directed a team of storyboard artists and Animatic Editors to complete 52x11 minute episodes.
Assistant Director
2005-2008 Mike Young Productions
Jakers (Season two) (Emmy Winning Show), Todd World (season two) (Emmy Winning Show), Cosmic
Quantum Ray
Flash Supervisor
2004-2005 Todd World
Supervised and edited overseas flash animations. Reanimated and edited hundreds of scenes.
Animatic Supervisor
2002-2003 Mike Young Productions
He-man, Imaginext, Jakers (Emmy Winning show), Little Clifford, Clifford Feature, Polly Pockets
Flash Animator
Gary the Rat (with Kelsey Grammer)
Animated several animated shorts.
Timing Director/Animatic Editor
1997-2000 Sony Columbia Tristar
Men in Black, Jumanji, Extreme Ghostbusters, Channel Umptee-3, Godzilla, Dragon Tales, Sammy,
Harold and the Purple Crayon, Max Steel, Jackie Chan Adventures.
Developed and created an animation application called Panels. This application is currently being used professionally on
several productions to facilitate the process of cropping and labeling storyboard images. Panels has literally reduced the
time it takes to crop and labels board panels by more than 50%. My next storyboarding application is now underway and my
goal is to have it completed in seven months.
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Graduate (MFA Program)
Major: Film and Television (emphasis in animation)
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Undergraduate (BA Program)
Major: Social Science (Emphasis in Sociology)
Film Making
Film and Television
Computers and Technology
Software Development
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