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Joe Worthington

Freelance Article Writer & Travel Writer

Location:Wigan, Manchester, United Kingdom
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To whom it may concern,

I am very knowledgeable about many destinations throughout the world, through living there and travelling often. (Helsinki, Beirut, Chisinau, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amman, Maastricht, and so many more...) knowing many even more than the locals!

I am a very experienced travel writer, and I have edited hundreds if not thousands of travel based articles for various high-profile and well known International magazines, newspapers, and digital media, which I have and continue to do alongside my travel writing career.

As I have written for and edited hundreds of consumer and business travel magazines and websites I am very experienced and I know what exactly each and every travel article must contain to be effective and informative, whilst still being enjoyable to read!

I have written for many luxury travel brochures writing the sales pitches for various locations, travel experiences, and hotels.
I have also proofread a number of travel and political based publications.
I am passionate about travel, and about writing for you! Hope you will give me this opportunity and allow me to show you what I can do.

I love travelling, and would love to travel more on press trips, etc. I have travel extensively across Europe and the Middle East, and I have visited Asia a number of times, with plans to go back soon.

I take pride in all work that I can get, and put 100% into all work that I do.
I am a very experienced travel writer and have written thousands of articles, including writing for a south african airline inflight magazine, kenyan airlines inflight magazine, garuda indonesia airlines inflight magazine, and I am writing the info for an itunes app on the city of Liverpool. I have written for an airport magazine and for a Thai hotel chain, and many Tourism Boards.
I have a job with a high end Russian business travel magazine lined up. Plus lots of writing and editing for private clients. (UNESCO, Airport Magazine, safari sites, well read newspapers, tourism boards, etc.)
I have just finished writing and editing a 36,000 word article on 100 woldwide airline, and one of my most recent articles has just been published in the New Zealand Tranzscenic ferry and trains onboard magazine.

I am able and very used to working to tight deadlines, sometimes those which are due for within less than an hour after receiving the writing and editing jobs. I have all of the necessary tools of the trade, and am always willing to upgrade my software when necessary.

I am used to researching and organising work projects, so these aspects of work will be no problem at all for me.

I am used to developing and modifying my editing skills to those of my clients.

I have managed many projects independently and as a group leader of other travel writers and editors through to the completion, and I love doing this.

I regularly communicate with high-standing people in the travel industry, and have many contacts to rely on if this would help you too.

I am fluent in German, and I am currently learning Dutch of which I am more than capable of using when needed.

I hope that I have portrayed myself well!

If there is anything else that you need just ask.
Hope you will accept me, it means so much to me, and I won't let you down, and I will put all the time and effort into all jobs as needed!

Joe Worthington
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