Janet Arnwine

Freelance Editor & Writer

Location:Cumming, Georgia, United States
2 Skills

• Editing, writing, proofing, marketing, sales, management, design, consulting & business.
• Editorial and content of publications.
• Structured and maintained guidelines for editorial substance and layout content.
• Conducted research in order to select and secure suitable editorial content and material.
• Successfully handled all aspects of producing publications with superior editorial content.
• Served as last check point for approval for all editorial content coming into the magazines.
• Responsible for producing magazines of specified fields of interest.
• Designed art and copy layouts.
• Studied illustrations/photographs to plan the presentation of material, product and design.
• Determined size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy.
• Instrumental in layout, design, composition and overall look of publications.
• Selected style and size of type and arranged layout based upon available space, knowledge
of layout principles and aesthetic design concepts.
• Drew sample of finished layout and presented sample to art director.
• Supervised and managed staff of sales professionals for Trader Publishing & other firms.
• Reviewed, approved and presented final layouts to clients and department heads.
• Reviewed final layout and suggested improvements as needed.
• Sold campaigns and marketing strategies to clients.
• Produced mini commercials for television and radio to promote products.
• Photographed layouts using digital technology camera.
• Hands on knowledge of publishing software programs.
• Structured and maintained all areas of operating and producing a publication.
• Dealt with editorial, design, marketing, sales, circulation, accounting and the A-Z of running
a business.
• Customized business/mentoring consulting programs to fit personal needs of clients.

Companies of Employment:

Woman2Woman Business Georgia
Founder/CEO/Publisher/Charge Editor

JA Mentoring & Consulting Georgia

GP Graphic Design Georgia

Gazette Publishing Georgia

Trader Media Group (COX) Atlanta, Georgia
Sales Manager
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