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Ronni Bullock

Freelance Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, & More

Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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My name is Ronni Bullock and I am a full-time freelance designer, artist & sculptor. I love to put my design skills to work for my clients, using my diverse artistic, graphic & dimensional point of view to get my client's message very noticed!

My DESIGN STYLE is completely DIVERSE – I can create both edgy & contemporary OR design for a more refined, conservative and/or traditional preference when needed.

As for my DESIGN PHILOSOPHY – I like to create pieces that are dynamic in either design, color or art choice. I see much contemporary design that in my opinion is simplified so much it is just flat and not noticeable. As art (through design) should imitate life – I believe a good design needs thought, flow, movement, color and mostly depth to keep things interesting and appealing and keep the reader visually entralled. I believe to create a call to action – there should always be a visual "hook" where there is an instant appeal. Corporate or otherwise...

I create everything from catalogs/magazines/newspapers/newsletters/media kits all the way to logos/advertising/branding/marketing for a broad range of clientele. My specialty corporate marketing and am also really getting into more fun & less serious silkscreen design & photography so I can be full-service for my diverse clientele.

For straight design jobs I am full-service and work will to see a job through to print or web – as well as also hire freelance artists, illustrators, developers, writers and photographers when needed. (As I see there is so much talent on this site and I see several artists I would love to do projects with!)

No job is too big or too small - and I pour myself into each job I do and treat it as an opportunity to do something completely different.