Jennfer Peters

Freelance Digital Artist & Anime Artist

Location:Tarkio, Missouri, United States
Phone: 402-405-8069
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Hello, I am a twenty year old looking for any artistic work. I will work with anything I am given. I enjoy writing original works, I'm still learning how to animate with digital programs and I am in college for graphic design.
I voice over as a sort of hobby, but will do so for a job as well. I work with Paint Tool Sai for my graphic design software.
I do work with animation software like Miku Miku Dance, Anime Studio Debut 6 and I'm still learning how to use Adobe software. I have not yet figured out how to work with Blender, but I am more than willing to learn.
What I do draw by hand is more child-oriented, what I draw with my graphic design software is in sort of an anime-style with some references used for anatomy, (for where they eyes are to be placed symmetrically and placement of the character's fingers in the picture. I'm sort of a mix of visual, audio and hand-on.)
If you'd like to know more about me or need a "test" of my skills, please don't hesitate to get in contact with me.
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Digital Art
Anime Art