Cristy Gray

Freelance Brochure Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
2 Skills
Proficient in all areas of writing, I am also dependable in meeting priority deadlines. My Experience includes, but is not limited to; twelve years of paralegal service - (Freelance),
The recognition by the Arizona Supreme court and that of the States Bar Association, have recorded my status as "legal document prepare."
The legal documents span over causes, of several legal proceedings, In addition within all branches of government, in areas of civil and criminal law, several were those branches of judicial process' located within the State of Arizona and California. My current and past work history covered areas of written communications and business correspondence.
Experience and combined skills, for preparing proper legal correspondence, require the use of the rules within the English language. Such as proper spelling, grammar, and proper sentence structure; these have prepared my writing skills for a representation of a business's reputation, and marketing standards as successful and stable. These tools used in combination with the importance of the additional rules in use of proper punctuation, all represent a business's reputation as one of superior -professionalism..

Applying the extensive arsenal in my vocabulary skills, I am able to communicate the main purpose of ideas, by written information that can be easily understood. Past employment duties were those found in the field such as: office management, paraprofessional counseling, and extensive customer service. These have provided me with the knowledge and skills to maintain a keen eye for detail- skills in written correspondence and business communications.
Customer services using techniques in creative expressiveness and within a variety of categories.
I have skilled ability and raw talent in my writing. My current education is in public administration studies, which have given me the ability to adapt to many purposes of writing.
I have been published in a series of two Anthologies of poetry, (2009) and included a short biography; work was submitted and recorded at the Library of Congress. In addition, my works have been published on audio recording of several prose published on Disk (2009).

Finally, my freelancing skills and experience consist of preparing by format requirements- duplicate or specific forms with instruction processing. In addition, I specialize in efficient production of high end, professional drafting, and results; Specializing in proper formatting requirements with exceptional quality. Maintaining all information in strict confidentiality and in honest regard of dedicated service, for assignments that may be both, or for either of those, that is minimal or extensive.
Software proficient in : Word, Access, Excel, Publisher. Lotus, Word perfect -MLA, APA, Other
Interpersonal Communication study, social science, psychology, Business English, other—
Dean’s list 2011 and Student Honors List 2013 - GPA 3.93 Community College (Current Student).