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H.M. Gautsch

Freelance Blog Writer & Poem Writer

Location:La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States
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I express my life journeys and trials through my creativity in poetic and storyline form. I also blog my travel adventures when I get the chance to travel. I completely understand that not everyone would agree with my religious beliefs, political views, or my stance with where I am today with my own two feet, but I am truly blessed with the life that I've been given, for my head is on tightly and my eyes towards this World is open widely. I share my stories and poems to hopefully find motivation and inspiration towards others and help change the World for the better. I live my life with the ideals of "One World" philosophy.

I have an Associate's Degree in Culinary Management and twelve years experience in various restaurant and catering businesses. As well as in the progress of studying Liberal Arts and continuing my schooling in Los Angeles, California in Fall of 2014 for Screen Writing and Acting.

I've soulfully served all three branches United States Army for almost nine years altogether with two deployments under my belt and continue to serve in the Reserves. After being sent home early on my second deployment, I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which was a lingering struggle from my first deployment.

Writing has become my primary therapy for my day to day struggles.
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