Scarlett Allen

Freelance Artist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States
2 Skills
-Freelance artwork in various mediums including illustrating, murals and fine arts.
-Substantial experience and outstanding skills in communication with more than twenty years with a local communications company.
-Very involved with children in a teaching capacity with strong emphasis on reading and art. Have a very good grasp on children's books and literature to what is appealing.
-Managed communications office with main focus in negotiating insurance coverage and pricing.
-Accustomed to working in fast-paced environment with the ability to think quickly and successfully handle difficult clients.
-Project oriented with the diligence to finish a job thoroughly, without delays.
-Good listening skills and the ability to ask necessary questions to gain the understanding on what is required to finish the task as wanted.
-Currently work with children of all ages with education in arts, music and other mandatory disciplines. Currently instruct children with different art mediums including craft projects and Appalachian focused musical instrument.
-Excellant interpersonal skills, ability to work well with others, in both supervisory and support roles.
-Assist in producing musical groups with booking venues, CD Artwork design, Tshirt design, branding, logos and web design/ecommerce
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Children's Book Illustration