Olivia Jade Corvett

Freelance Business Consultant & Branding Freelancer

Location:New York, New York, United States
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- Freelancing and contracting my services to fashion and lingerie/underwear brands within London, UK and Sydney, AUS.
- Lending expert advice in design, branding and marketing areas, implementing my industry knowledge and market awareness.
- Analyzing the brand's design signature, business model, market, position on the marketplace, competitors and vision.
- Working with the brand to guide their business towards their objectives while advising on marketing and design choices.
- Experiencing the retail environment and product presentation through the consumer's journey and adjusting the flow.
- Directing and strategizing towards seasonal trends, marketing habits, commercial appeal and niche market opportunities.
- Developing collections that speak of the brands philosophy while transcending time, trends with a strong and steadfast vision.
- Liaising with various fashion companies - boutique/street-wear/lingerie - and connecting them with industry suppliers.


- Overseeing the end-user journey to ensure a reliable, loyal and reciprocal relationship that's rooted in trust and quality.?
- Conducting qualitative and quantitative consumer research then analyzing market feedback into reports.?Investigating various markets, cultural studies and consumer behavior to appeal to local and offshore consumers.?
- Making commercially driven decisions to appeal to a broader audience and increase business profit margins.?Personalizing the consumer experience through interactive activities, social media and promotional events.
- Creating POS materials and displays for online marketing, in-store promotions and outdoor advertising.
- Planning and executing events and experiential promotions to enhance brand campaigns and meet business objectives. - Generating monthly, quarterly and yearly budget reports and forecasts to share with management and stake shareholders.


- Identifying the brand identity and implementing its vision and mission with innovation and dedication.?
- Maintaining the brand integrity through delivering regular communication and consistent quality. - Monitoring brand performance by keeping ahead of competitors and actively pursuing new opportunities.
- Building a brand that relates to and speaks to the relevant markets while growing the market needs and demand.
- Developing the brand messages that reach the audience while creating sensory stimulation that evokes the brand.


- Brainstorming, sketching and designing working drawings for lingerie/underwear, swimwear, loungewear and street-wear.
- Preparing specification sheets and production/tech packs for local and offshore suppliers, manufacturers and agents.
- Fitting and grading samples, amending patterns, approving fabric swatches, trims, print strike-offs and lab dips.
- Following the critical path, overseeing production and assessing quality control while adhering to a timeline and deadlines.
- Advising on product design, trends and market directions while evaluating current garment accessories and store environment.

Art Direction & Styling

- Selecting creative teams, talent and locations for collaboration on photo shoots, catwalk shows, products and promotions.?
- Conceiving visual imagery in-line with brand directions for seasonal collections, campaigns, look books and collaborations.
- Collating mood boards, storyboards and trend research for clients collections, campaigns, look books and fashion shows.
- Conceptualizing photo shoots, advising creative team and talent, directing shoots/shows and involvement in post-production.
- Stylist and 'Head of Wardrobe' for various models, celebrities, artists, models and 'icons' in fashion shoots and events.
- ?Visual merchandising clothing and accessories, devising display units and advising on workable retail spaces and interior.

Public Relations

- Devising promotional tactics and on-the-ground events for clients to reach consumers and media and gain press coverage.
- Media planning and budgeting for print, editorial and advertising with various media outlets and throughout stocked retailers.
- Outputting regular communication to media contact lists and holding press showings to present collections and directions.?
- Coordinating collection, seasonal and event launches through campaigns, press releases, promotions and press meetings.
- ?Writing press articles, collating a network of media, developing relationships, attending events and keeping in constant contact.
- Loaning fashion clothing and accessories out for editorial and shows, following up returns and keeping record of activities.

Social Media

- Regularly updating Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook pages to increase online audience and offline customers.
- Inform, amuse and interact with audience by posting blog writing, images, videos, audio, links and articles that appeal.
- ?Analyzing statistics and analytics relating to interaction and adjusting our activities to increase viewers and gain followers.
- Creating and emailing regular e-newsletters and e-flyers to members, customers and suppliers using online and offline methods.


- Monitoring brand recognition and sales success while measuring consequent earnings and expenses involved to achieve them.?
- Managing budgets, cash flow and project expenditure while planning ahead for monthly, quarterly and yearly forecasts.?
- Employing pricing strategies through sales and seasonal promotions, new product trials and testing samples for price structure.
- Participating in sales and marketing presentations with media, buyers and selected end-user customers to gain insight.


2010-11 Open Universities Australia Bachelor of Marketing, Media and Communications
?2003 Auckland University of Technology Diploma in Business Studies 2002 Fashion Incubator Certificate in Fashion Business Planning
?2000-01 Auckland University of Technology Certificate in Fashion Technology Intermediate Certificate in Pattern Making and Garment Assembly

Freelance Work in 2012-13 (New York, US)

Gilded Minx

Gilded Minx is an emerging online designer vintage fashion website with a movie icon influence, positioning to be the vintage Net-A-Porter.
- I researched and priced quality designer vintage garments that had been left as inheritance, assessing their value on the market.
- After studying the era of each garment, I wrote creative descriptions of each style in line with the brand image and seasonal directions
- I strategized marketing, sales and pr plans to reach consumers and industry while conceptualizing fashion shoot and film ideas to promote.


.R.A.D is a "new world order" brand of printed slogan t-shirts for modern punks of today's youth, based out of L.A.
- I created sales/lines sheets and short-listed potential buyers to sell to, gaining retail outlets in downtown Manhattan and Williamsburg.
- I conceptualized the idea and coordinated the spring '13 campaign shoot, selecting the models, creative team and location.
- I pitched the brand to various media outlets, pushing the campaign and promoting the retail outlets.


RA-NYC is a lifestyle hip-hop, skate and culture brand focusing on digital media artist collaborations, a weekly blog and illustrated t-shirt designs.
- I created sales/lines sheets and short-listed potential buyers to sell to, gaining retail outlets in Soho, LES, Midtown, Brooklyn and Queens.
- I conceptualized the idea and coordinated the spring '13 campaign shoot, selecting the models, creative team and location.
- I pitched the brand to various media outlets, pushing the campaign and promoting the retail outlets.

DIAZ Estudio de Moda

DIAZ is a custom and couture womenswear fashion brand creating bespoke gowns as well as a high-fashion ready-to-wear line.
- I designed the brand logo, business card and set-up the website, writing the copy and Photoshopping the images.
- I shortlisted a buyers list, researched into MBFW show registration and developed brand communication material.


Abaya is high-end Muslim womenswear with markets in Dubai and Egypt that was focused on maintaining quality while introducing modern design.
- I advised on design for the high-end Muslim womenswear market, producing mood boards, designs and fabrication options for the collection.

House of Diehl

House of Diehl is a design consultancy firm that is commissioned for designs and campaigns and produces bi-annual fashion design shows.
- I coordinated the design and creative teams backstage at a 'reality tv' filmed fashion event and facilitated the show while acting as a point of intermediary communication between the organizers and on-stage hosts, ushering fashion-industry guests and entertainment in between.


Sexuences is a collection of clothing featuring the photographers of artist Albano Guatti, targeted at 'downtown cool', homosexual and art crowds.
- I assessed the wearability of the brand and worked with the artist to define the brand message and marketing strategy, utilizing social media and product placement on models, actors, dancers and performers in downtown New York bars and clubs, developing an 'it' culture around the brand.
- Filmed public reaction to collection prints and designs using undercover cameras to cover the downtown New York bars and clubs.

Various Freelance Work in 2010-11 (Sydney, AUS)

Stretch Mark 1

Stretch Mark 1 is an international performing arts show that has toured world-wide. They develop costumes around conceptual and artistic themes.
- I advised on costume and wardrobe concepts to suit the nature of the performance then outsourced manufacture and production to develop them.
- The performances were shown at various high-profile corporate and entertainment events and we travelled throughout the country was required.
- Developing a PR plan to promote the show to new audiences and bring the image and feel of the performance into the current day, resulting in further clients and modern material to promote future shows.


Fountainhead is a high-end womenswear brand that sells in Sydney boutiques and online. They produces many fashion/performance shows.
- I developed the concept for Fountainhead's summer 2011 fashion show, enrolling the talent and creative teams and organizing show coverage.
- I created press releases, flyers, posters and promotional material to inform and excite customers, buyers and media in anticipation of the show.
- The show resulted in significant sales among customers and the addition of retail stockists within Sydney, as well as an increased mailing list.

Karen Millen

Karen Millen is a leading UK high-street chain with an emphasis on quality and high-end design. They have stores all over the world and hired me to work with their Australian outlets throughout each state, which required traveling and attending various seminars on the brand and business.
- I assessed the retail environments of their Australian boutiques and concessions, implementing my visual merchandising and styling guidelines.
- I compared the brand activity within Australia to that of their overseas retail spaces and found room to experiment and grow new areas in the market.
- I conducted a national press showing of the new collection, hiring highly regarded cosmetic brands and modeling agencies to support the event.

Yin Joux

Yin Joux creates original macrame jewelry in high-fashion designs, a skill she learnt in Brazil, and sells throughout Australia and France.
- I designed a press release and sent to buyers, media and customer database to gain brand
- I commissioned Yin to produce a one-of-a-kind garment for The iT. Collective fashion exhibition, resulting in an impressive auction sale.

The Other Side

The Other Side is a unique collection of reversible denim jeans and semi-precious stones who sell to a street-wear market in Australia and Japan.
- I consulted on the current denim and jewelry lines by understanding the market and making improvements to trend directions and design aspects.
- I created press releases, e-newsletters and e-flyers for both lines, collating a press and buyer list to gain awareness of the brand, the collections and increase sales, resulting in numerous retail stockists throughout New South Wales.
- I designed an advert that was sent to the press, buyer and customer mailing lists, as well as published in a street-culture magazine.

Contracted Work Experience

The iT. Collective (Sydney, AUS) Marketing & PR Director Sep 2010 - Jan 2011

The iT. Collective is a group of creatives who set-up a multi-media and artist representation company and held an exhibition to showcase their talent and collaborative abilities. They required a temporary marketing director to advise on reaching a wider audience, conduct PR relations, commission talent and entertainment and push the company into the public sphere further through media penetration, both online and off.
- I gained Absolut Vodka as the sponsor, which required liaising between both companies and creating material in-line with each brands objectives.
- I commissioned photographers, accessory designers, clothing designers, a nail artist, an illustrator and a rock band for the exhibition and opening.
- Engaged in relations with press and sponsors and acted as an intermediary point of contact between the artists, collective and brands involved.
- I assisted the individual artists with their own PR and marketing strategies, overseeing their product and connecting them with industry insiders.
- The exhibition was covered through an online blog and press drew many notable industry profiles
- We were able to auction two-thirds of the art and wears featured in the exhibition and raised an impressive amount for a bespoke Absolut sculpture, a collaboration by the collective and artists involved and managed by myself.

Krites (Sydney, AUS) PR & Marketing Manager Jul - Oct 2010

Krites is a fashion brand management company representing mid-market Australian and British street-wear, swimwear and fashion brands that have a mainstream following and widespread reputation. I was hired during a busy period in which the current PR & Marketing manager was overseas.
- I represented Aztec Rose, a well-respected women's swimwear and fashion brand; NRG, a mainstream surf brand; Full Circle, a popular UK street-wear brand; Religion, a UK street-wear brand renowned for their edgy styling; Lipsy, a go-to UK brand for party dresses and occasion wear.
- I hired a small team of interns to carry-out the loaning and returning of the product and maintain the relationship between editors, stylists and media.
- We pitched the brands through press showings, press articles, style reports, showroom assistance, trade shows, editorial launches and PR lunches.
- We monitored weekly and monthly press coverage, collated press clippings and conducted monthly press reports for the company and clients.
- I produced the photoshoots for Aztec Rose and NRG's look books and campaigns, advertising within prevalent surf and womens publications.
- I designed an Aztec Rose window display that travelled around 144 retail stockists throughout the country to promote the new season.
- We increased weekly and monthly press coverage (articles, editorial and 'flat lay') for our brands Aztec Rose, NRG, Full Circle, Religion and Lipsy.
- We launched Lipsy into Australia with a consumer-focused event, attracting media and buyer interest and Australian customers to the UK brand.
- We attracted fashion editors and stylists from all the leading publications - Shop Till You Drop, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Oyster, Grazia, Vogue, etc.

Nexus (London, UK) Brand Consultant Jul - Sep 2009

Nexus is a designer lifestyle brand that produces exclusive leisure and pleasure wear for men. They required a brand consultant for a new line of women's lingerie and products they were developing and launching, which I conceptualized, designed and had produced through my suppliers.
- I evaluated the shop fit and interior of their retail chain throughout England and designed the visual, layout and the shopping experience to suit.
- I planned the women's line launch campaign as well as product promotions and events to support the existing mens line and merge the two.
- Created artwork, logo, print and website content and assisted with styling and art direction for look books/campaigns.

Blaqua (London, UK) Marketing Manager Apr - Sep 2009

Blaqua is an 'English dandy' style men's tailoring and custom-make brand with locations on London's famous 'Saville Row', the go-see street for fine suiting and a boutique off the infamous 'Carnaby Street', the shopping district of the swinging sixties.
- We held regular in-store functions and Carnaby Street events, involving ourselves in Carnaby's newsletters and promotions.
- I headhunted notable local icons to wear and perform in the clothing and attend our events, including hosts, musicians, models and 'it' kids - Ash Stymest, Jeremy Young, Jodie Harsh, Congo Faith Healers, Graffiti 6, The Cesarians and Chris Evans among them.
- I managed look book shoots, runway shows and in-store events, overseeing the talent, creative teams and facilitating the experience.
- I collated marketing material for website and blog, promoting 'celebrity' involvement and inviting them to share their experience with Blaqua.

Toushe (Auckland, NZ & London, UK) Creative Director Sep 2006 - May 2009

Toushe is a young women's fashion-lingerie brand that offers on-trend design, which I developed from concept through to in-store delivery.
- I was invited to launch the brand at New Zealand Fashion Week FW07, in which I produced, coordinated, art directed and styled the show.
- I devised press releases and conducted a press circuit with relevant magazines and newspapers, gaining considerable media coverage.
- Toushe gained reputable department store, boutique, lingerie shop and online retail stockists throughout leading cities within New Zealand.
- In 2007 relocated Toushe to London for the expansive fashion and lingerie industry, which represent current trends and opportunities in Europe.
- During 2008-9 I sold into leading high-street chain store, Topshop in London, exposing the brand to approx. 30,000 customers per day.
- Created the Topshop launch campaign, shooting with supermodel Melissa Tammerijn and holding promotional events within Topshop and around London's prime shopping district, Oxford Circus, reaching consumers, interacting with our target market and growing brand awareness.

Pumpkin Patch (Auckland, NZ) Merchandise Assistant Jun 2006 - Jan 2007

- Pumpkin Patch is Australasia's leading children's wear company.I assisted with the brand and design development of tween girl brand, Urban Angel, specializing in design, garment technology and production for swimwear, nightwear, underwear and outerwear garments.
- We analyzed and interacted with tween-girl market focus groups to design and supply on-trend yet age-appropriate fashion garments.
- We held in-store functions to gain feedback on designs, stylings and visual imagery in-store while gaining insight into market demands.
- The brand featured in various teenage magazines and we held an event in association with Girlfriend Magazine to celebrate 'girl power'.

Early Work Experience

Various Fashion Styling and Production Jobs (Auckland, NZ) 2002 - 2005

- In-house styling and visual merchandising for boutique Kingan Jones in 2005, dressing local celebrities, styling fashion shows and in-store events.
- Editorials for Style Magazine in 2004; Fashion Quarterly in 2003; Sunday Star Times in 2003; Women's Day in 2003; Cleo Magazine in 2002
- Head of Wardrobe and Styling for the Deutz Fashion Ambassador Awards judging ceremony and runway show 2004
- Assistant Producer for Ponsonby Fringe Festival in 2004
- Wardrobe for Stellar* video clip shoot in 2003
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