Shanley McFarland

Freelance Illustrator & Drawer

Location:Spanaway, Washington, United States
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Seasoned, proficient graphic/chalkboard/ all-around artist with extensive knowledge of the grocery industry with emphasis on advertising signs, layout and décor, having over 15 years of success in the business. I have a passion for created realistic still life art using paint/pastel/pen and ink focusing on unique images, land and cityscapes, pet portraits, wildlife, floral, food items and colorful children's book images. Have experience in menu design, book illustration, greeting card illustration, logo design/letterhead, promotional signs and displays, general art replication, and creative design. I can transfer all drawn/created artwork to workable computer files formatted from Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and transferable to publishing applications.

__Professional Experience__

Blanc Industries Signage & Display Group of Dover, New Jersey
Artist • November 1999 – October 2013

• Responsible for all Chalk Decor™ designs, item photography, creative/graphic sign layouts, information research and new item development that help Blanc Industries become a widely recognized and successful company in the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.
• Worked closely with team members and sales staff on creating concepts for customers including: sketches, logo/ design ideas, sign layout, photography, color matching pantones/custom, and archiving catalog items.
• Created new concepts and designs for all grocery departments, related sales, promotions, events and new product introduction while maintaining a unified department look.
• Extensive item research including nutritional information and values, accurate item descriptions including: general, usage, preparation, storage, flavor descriptions, recipes, trivia/fun facts, QR code information and created a unique color-coding, Phyto-nutritional system for produce, meat and seafood departments as well as a color-coded floral “occasion” buying guide.
• Was part of the team that created the current main catalog, image compilation, application and description print to smooth the transition of the company’s recent acquisitions of two new companies and form the current joint company, Blanc Industries Signage & Display Group.

Metropolitan Market (Formerly Queen Anne/Admiral Thriftway)
Company Artist • August 1996 – November 1999

• Main responsibilities included freehand chalk drawings, replicating logos & items/products, menu board designs, seasonal store artwork, accurate pricing/PLU codes, creating promotional designs, and relative artwork for all in-store decor & displays.
• Responsible for travelling weekly to 3 stores (Queen Anne Thriftway -Tacoma & Seattle, Admiral Thriftway -West Seattle) and maintaining advertising signs, chalkboards, artwork & promotional event layouts including daily updates of item, décor signs and pricing displays.
• In charge of one store grand opening regarding: design and advertising signs/chalkboard layout per department, store decor layout; worked with architect, builders, owner, and store managers on blueprints, construction, manufacturing, and installation of all department signage, display chalkboards, and set-up.
• Responsible for training employees to learn design techniques and maintaining overall design consistency and attention to detail per store. Was able to successfully transition the newly trained employees to take over when I left the company.


• Over 15 years experience in the grocery and advertising industry.
• Over 10 years working on a Macintosh platform and using Adobe programs including Photoshop and Illustrator with some InDesign catalog work.
• Proficient in chalk, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, and acrylic mediums.
• Experienced in Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite.
• Photography skills include large layout stage, individual imaging, lighting and exposure, digital imaging, thumb drive uploading, and photo editing via Photoshop.
• Logo and item concept creation.
• Color matching using standard Pantone colors or custom colors.
• Extensive knowledge in creating dynamic, eye-catching signs, banners, department décor, logos, menus, brochures and reader boards.
• High level of ownership, accountability and initiative.
• Ability to adapt and prioritize multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.

References available upon request.
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