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Milada Kessling

Freelance Book Designer, Editor, & More

Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
12 Skills
Milada Kessling - Book Designer, Publisher, Writer, Illustrator, and Illustration Photographer,
Proprietor of Lionheart Books - Publishing and Graphic Design Studio, Melbourne, Australia.
Worked for several advertising agencies and printing companies
in Australia and UK as an illustrator,
graphic designer, and studio manager.


From the Other Side of Vistula: Krystyna Hrynkowska, Milada Kessling,
Lion Heart Promotions, Melbourne 2003

The Passion of Paul - Le Confessioni di Paolo, by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, Rev Fr John Winson SAC trans., Pallottine Community, Melbourne, 2003

Life of Vincent Pallotti, Domenico Pistella SAC, Rev John Winson SAC trans., Winson SAC, Pallottine Community, Melbourne 2005

Notes on Psalms, John Winson, Milada Kessling, Melbourne 2007

Vincent Pallotti, John Winson Trans.: Domenico Pistella: Vincenzo Pallotti - Fondatore Della Societa Dell'Apostolato Cattolico, Rome, 1950
Milada Kessling, Melbourne 2012

John Paul II - Culture of Life, John Winson, Milada Kessling, Melbourne, 2013

War Paths on The Eastern Front, Josef Margules, Lionheart Books, Melbourne, 2015

Resilience, Anna Jonne Burns, Lionheart Books, Melbourne, 2016

The Von Mueller Deception, Psychological Thriller, Marion Hughes, Lionheart Books, Melbourne, 2017

Skewed, Short Stories, Anna Burns, Lionheart Books, Melbourne, 2017

Tangents, Short Stories, Anna Burns, Lionheart Books, 2018

Essence of Trust, a novel by Anna Burns, Lionheart Books, 2019, 2022

Kopalnia Zlota I Zlote Wrota — Gold Mine
and a Golden Gate, Krystyna Zyta Wisniewska, Lionheart Books, Melbourne, 2022

Clemenger Bryson, Melbourne
Clear View Ltd. London
Clemenger Harvie, Melbourne
Excelsior Printing Works, Melbourne
Solographic, Melbourne
Philip Korczynski: ThePhotographers, Melbourne
Burgrarffix, Melbourne
Art by the Candlelight, Melbourne
Lion Heart Promotions, Australia
Scintillating Images, Melbourne
TU I TAM Magazine, Puma Media, Melbourne
Lionheart Books, Australia

Milada Kessling participated in over fifty art exhibitions and eleven individual art shows.
She is a project designer and curator for the following events:

Marian and Contemporary Paintings - Exhibition Fiat, St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, 1987

The Art of Prayer Exhibition of Exceptional Religious Art and Craft, under the patronage of Cardinal George Pell, Stella Maris Seafarers Centre, Melbourne, 1999

The Art of Prayer - Exhibition of Exceptional Religious Art and Craft, under the patronage of Cardinal George Pell, Pallottine Missionary College, Melbourne, 2000

Restoration of Tabernacle Door, Corpus Christi College Chapel, Carlton, Melbourne, 2000

Noted participation in design for Treasures of Faith - An Exhibition of Art and History of the Churches in Australia, St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, 2000

Catching a Glimpse - Seeing the World, Exhibition of Portrait Paintings by Krystyna Hrynkowska, Eckersley's Open Space Gallery, Melbourne, 2002

Art display: Art of Prayer - the exhibition for Hearts on Fire Congress, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne, 2003.