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Franco Manfredi

Freelance Music Producer & Music Arranger

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Phone: (562) 879-7297
2 Skills
Music Producer
-Advanced (two years) in Music Production.

Completed and Passed All Courses at Icon Collective
Courses: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Synthesis (software and hardware), Mixing Techniques, Recording Techniques, Midi Keyboards for Producers, Music Business and Marketing, and Art of Flow (class that teaches you to be the comfortable with how you work and make best use of a great idea by having the most efficient and smooth work flow).

Icon Collective
Phone: (818) 299-8013
Skype: iconcollective
4620 Magnolia Blvd
Burbank Ca 91505

Further Details
I have worked with music production software for a while now. Even though I've only been at it for two years, it was a very life changing experience and I love the musical world I live in. As it turns out, dedicating a large chunk of your time to a specific hobby for two years pays off. Took and completed an intensive 9 month course on Music Production at Icon and loved it. Made me appreciate music on a whole other level. Also made me hear things in music I couldn't fully appreciate or even notice before. Even though I have completed all the courses that are supposed to make me a Pro, I quickly realized that music production is a never ending lesson with new tips, shortcuts and techniques to learn and expand on. I ask that you please tell me what you need in extreme detail (the longer and more specific of an explanation the better), and I'll provide a sample clip. If you don't like what you hear, you are not obligated to pay me a thing. I only charge for completed and mastered work, at the very end. I don't charge by the hour. I'll take however long the project needs and won't mind redoing and changing things around. I urge everyone to take advantage of the unlimited revisions I offer because I want the end product to be exactly what you paid for, not close, not just okay, but the exact thing you needed and were hoping for. I am looking to improve on my current skills and become an expert in what I do and seek new musical opportunities, so all genres are welcome. The music I am most involved with production-wise is dubstep, hip hop, and trap because it's new and awesome. Outside of production I also listen to classic rock, drum & bass, metal, classical, trance, hardstyle, country, and reggae. Have found that EVERY single genre (I've encountered) has something amazing and beautiful to add to the world. I am always looking for diverse and challenging music to produce. Whether you have something very specific in mind or need ideas to expand on, I promise you won't regret picking my brain.

*As I mentioned, I don't charge by the hour. I like to take as long as the project requires. Please contact me to discuss the overall project quote. Price will depend on number and length of tracks, complexity, etc. Unlimited revisions and edits.