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Latausha Cox

Freelance Digital Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:Hamilton, Ohio, United States
Phone: 5138859244
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Creating children's illustrations is a true passion of mine. I enjoy the innocence and the imagination of it all. I specialize in the use of color and detail. I often play with space as it relates to my frame of reference. I also enjoy creating portraits that allow me to explore the personality of a person and how I can translate it onto paper.
I received my Bachelor's of Fine arts from Columbus College of Art & Design. There, I found my style and found my strengths. I work in digital media often, but I also love to work with watercolor dyes and ink. By using watercolor dyes, I can push the intensity of color as well as show a softness in the same stroke. Ink allows me to create very loosely and very detailed with intricate pattern and shapes.
My intent as an artist has always been to inspire by creating. I feel that if someone learns or sees something in a new way, I have been successful.
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Digital Art
Book Illustration