Diego Tantardini

Freelance Business Writer & Telephone System Freelancer

Location:Redding, California, United States
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i'm a native Italian, professional in negotiation and to review contract and frame agreement.
I used to work with lawyer to write draft of contract with word, i use it in advanced way
I have 23 years experience in negotiation, very precise and i worked for 11 y in project mangement , i know very well excel.
I live in Redding California.

Diego Maurizio Tantardini

1977 Catherine way - 96002 Redding CA
530-645 8958
Date of birth

Work Experience

• Date (from – to)

01/2008 – 01/2012
• Employer

VALTELLINA S.p.A. - Via Buonarroti, 34 24020 - Gorle (BG)
• Function

Head of procurements , logistic and general services
• Main duties and responsibilities

- Ensuring correct issuing of purchase orders and processing of requests for supply.
- Constantly analyzing the target market in order to seek new products and / or new suppliers and assess their quality, standards-compliance, delivery time and costs.
- Ensure the insurance of regularity, quality and timing of actions needed for the storage and delivery of goods and services;
- Supervision of the registration of loads of stock and of products coming from the other branches and by subcontractors including
- Acquisition of materials and the management of the stocks, the management of relationships with suppliers, the costs and the quality;
- Acquisition of services provided by subcontractors, third parties, and professional services:
- Monitoring the price of contracts / tenders / marketing research and database of rates for the first time, calculation and assessment procedures;
- Drawing up contracts and negotiation agreements for the installation ,network construction and maintenance , for equipment , cabling and delivery services for Telecom Contracts
- Drawing up contracts for all activity of general procurement..
- Collaboration in the strategic planning process, and in setting goals
- Manage the fleet of vehicles and equipment company, providing with the formalities required and their maintenance ( more than 600 veichles)
- Direct Management of 6 buyer and other 11 warehouse manager
- Delegation for Legislative Decree 81/2008 for the headquarters of Gorle ,the offices and warehouse.
- Functional responsibility for branch in Guatemala City

- Last Major projects / assignments (december to april 2011)

- In the name of and on behalf of the RTI -VALTELLINA/ALCATEL LUCENT/ICOT issuance of RFP and subsequent tender , evaluation, negotiation and award for INFRATEL Contract.

• Date (from – to)

01/2002 - 01/2008
• Employer

• Function

Head of procurements for "fixed lines department"
• Main duties and responsibilities

- Ensuring correct issuing of purchase orders and processing of requests for supply.
- Responsibility throughout the procurement process as regards the implementation of the Network, the construction and maintenance of telephone exchanges ( Transmission sites ,Switch and both the Central and POP) and the construction and maintenance of commercial establishments and facilities in general (for example Call Centers, Data Centers , palaces offices, etc. ), throughout the national territory, also regarding the implementation and maintenance of Access Network an Backbone network
- Responsibility for the purchase of professional services and advice as, Work Supervision, Construction Management, Safety Coordination, planning and testing inherent in the construction / maintenance / implementation of network-station Wind Telecommunications, MAN, Maintenance of cable networks in which the telecommunications station throughout the national territory
- Managing agreement for OLO in collaboration with FASTWEB/TELECOM ITALIA
- Purchasing Manager for energy and the Energy Saving
- With regard at Energy , is also responsible for the purchase of power systems and generator sets for the implementation and for the maintenance.

- Major projects / assignments

- Purchase of electricity on MKT Free , as a result of liberalization on the part of the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG) ,start of the project "ECM" Energy Cost Management , in preparatory phase definition and implementation of a DB for the creation of the database of the Sites (contracts for Electricity) ,the tracking of consumption ,electronic invoicing by WEB EDI and then gradually release a part of the Sites on MKT Free.
- Participation in the committee of the project "GECO" Managing costs to reduce OPEX costs, the committee allowed substantial saving in OPEX
- Purchases on behalf of Enel-Net (Asset of Enel sold to Wind)-
- Contract management with Enel Terna

• Date (from – to)

05/2000 - 12/2001
• Employer

• Function

Senior Buyer -Civil Infrastructures
• Main duties and responsibilities

- In accordance and collaboration with Legal Department drafting and creation of "Standard Contracts"
- Ensure the proper management of purchases by dealing with domestic and foreign vendors, purchase prices, discounts, delivery times, defining, in accordance with the commercial and technical management, framework agreements, annual, dealing with the drafting and negotiation of agreements and proper execution of the same
- Identification, qualification and selection of suppliers, the drafting of specifications and contracts, the contractual liability and commercial management of the contracts in particular:
Responsible for the drafting of requests for supply (RFQ) and analyzes of the same Responsible for the preparation and negotiation of contracts
- Coordination with different departments for the smooth functioning of the department activities, necessary for the phase of "start up" of the INFOSTRADA
- Rationalization of Framework and Agreement after merge with BLU (Telephone company)
- Managing swap INFOSTRADA/BLU
- Responsibility for the purchase of professional services and advice as, Work Supervision, Construction Management, Safety Coordination, planning and testing

• Date (from – to)

11/1989 - 05/2000
• Employer

ETS - Electric and Telephone Systems
• Function

Plant Manager - Project Manager TLC
• Main duties and responsibilities

- Verification and control of technical documentation and opening / closing of the yard;
- Coordination of work in respect of planning;
- Identification and management of materials necessary for the activities of the yard;
- Supervision of verification of test equipment and testing;
- Supervision for the type and number of teams to use;
- Managing subcontractors teams;
- Verification of the progress of the work, the correct disposal of waste and compliance with the safety standard;
- Supervision in the management of complaints from customer;
- Insurance of removal from the yard of any anomalies.

- Major projects / assignments

- From January 1998: Responsible For technical-commercial installations for the realization of committed Telecom for the realization of the lighting for public account on behalf A. E. M (now is A2A) ,as a result of these activities we have been commissioned in addition construction of medium voltage substations.

- May 1997 to January 1998: Project Manager for the development of the Mobile Network of WIND on behalf of ITALTEL SISTEMI on direct borrowing by the developer
- Coordinating the activities from the committed acquisition to testing for the BTS installation. The activities including, control of the whole process in particular manging contracts with a subcontractors ,computing,and buying materials.

Education and training

• Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

"In Regola" , legality and safety at work - (c/o Ministry of Labour)

• Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

"The reserves in public procurement” D’Aleffi Lawer Associates

• Date (from – to))

• Qualification awarded

Advanced negotiation - (c/o Adaci Formazione)

Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

Balance sheet analysis - (c/o Enel Sfera)

• Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

Project Management - (c/o società Watson Wyatt)

• Date (from – to)

2001 - 2002
• Qualification awarded

English course - (c/o English Opening School)

• Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

Purchasing strategies and techniques of supply - (C/o School of Management Bocconi )

• Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

Safety coordinator ( new legislate)

• Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

Safety coordinator for law 494/96-528/99

• Date (from – to)

• Qualification awarded

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Excellent : In 2006 I was involved in a special project, so I lived in Spain and worked with a Spanish team for four months.

Thorough knowledge of Oracle and SAP R3 applications for managing the flow of supplies.
Thorough knowledge of MS-Word, Lotus 123, MS-Excel e MS-Project (daily use)

Autorizzo il trattamento dei miei dati personali ai sensi del Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali "