Carolyne Shearer

Freelance Proposal Writer & Environmental Engineer

Location:Alameda, California, United States
2 Skills
Carolyne Shearer, Senior Proposal Manager

Senior proposal manager and persuasive writer with 26 years of experience developing highly successful strategies for winning work. I have developed marketing and bid strategies and managed major federal and private sector proposals in the disciplines of construction, design-build, environmental and civil engineering, remediation, transportation, and Information Technology with ceiling values ranging up to $6 billion. My capabilities include:

-Analyzing RFPs to assist clients in vetting proposal opportunities
-Researching companies and recommending teaming actions
-Correlating technical requirements with selection criteria to produce winning proposals
-Uncovering client and stakeholders’ concerns and objectives in support of building value propositions that mitigate risks and deliver maximum value
-Identifying competitor strengths and weaknesses
-Authoring major proposal sections and developing original content under extremely tight schedules
-Leading teams of writers, subject matter experts, technical contributors, graphic artists and production specialists
-Working closely with graphic artists and production staff to develop proposal formats and graphics that quantitatively present competitive advantages and maximize message impact
-Synchronizing proposal efforts with estimators and schedulers

Proposal Sections
? Organizational Approaches
? Management Plans
? Staffing Plans
? Technical Approach Facilitation
? Logistics Plans
? Health & Safety Plans
? Quality Control Plans
? Commissioning Plans

Representative Clients
? Commercial clients
? US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
? Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
? US Army Environmental Center (USAEC)
? Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) (formerly AFCEE)
? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
? Army and Air National Guard
? General Services Administration (GSA)

BA, Anthropology, UC Berkeley, 1988

Representative Proposals

Air and Army National Guard MATOCs (5) for California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Proposal Manager and principal author. California, Nevada and Utah – Awarded. Awaiting award for the others.
USACE, Sacramento District, IDIQ MATOC for Environmental Support for Hazardous and Toxic Waste Removal Actions, Investigations, and Remediation, within the USACE South Pacific Division (SPD) Boundaries, Proposal manager and principal author, $9.9 million, 18 proposals received, 2 awards – Awarded
USACE Albuquerque District, ERS MEGA MATOC, 8(a) Environmental Remediation Services (ERS), Multiple Environmental Government Acquisition (MEGA), Proposal Manager, teaming recommendations, $25 million,
30 proposals received
Air Force, 8(a) Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC), Luke Air Force Base, Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field, and Ft. Tuthill Recreational Area, Arizona; Proposal Manager, teaming recommendations, primary author, $95 million, Awaiting Decision
Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE), FY2012 Technology Transfer Program, Broad Agency Announcement Phase I Proposal, Innovative Groundwater Treatment Product
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Office of Construction & Facilities Management, Environmental/Historic Services IDIQ, Cascading Method, Western region, Proposal Manager and Principal Writer, $7 million
USACE Huntsville Engineering and Support Center, Phase 1 and Phase 2, Design-Build Medical Repair and Renewal (MRR) – Proposal Manager, Organizational Approach, Technical Approach, Seed Project facilitation for Phase 2, $480 million – Awarded
USACE, Omaha District Design-Build IDIQ MATOC for Construction with Incidental Design Services for SRM in Support of Facility Infrastructure for POL Operations, supporting author for template Project Management Plan (PMP) to be inserted into master IDIQ contract upon award, $325 million
NAVFAC Pacific, Mamizu Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC) for Government of Japan (GOJ)-Funded Projects for Sites in Guam, Volume Manager, 60-page Logistics Plan, $4 billion – On Hold
USACE, CENTCOM, Organizational Approaches to Two Sample Tasks, $3.8 billion - Awarded
NAVFAC SW, Radiological EMAC, Proposal Manager, Management Approach, Sample Task, Health and Safety Plan, Quality Control Plan, $280 million - Awarded
NAVFAC SW, EMAC II SB, Proposal Manager, Management Approach, Sample Task, Health and Safety Plan, Quality Control Plan, $280 million - Awarded
NAVFAC SW PERMAC Performance-Based Task Order, Remedial Design and Remedial Action for Installation Restoration Site 1, Alameda Point, Alameda, California, Proposal Manager, 1 award
AFCEE HERC Task Order, Design-Build Ministry of Defense Building, Kabul, Afghanistan, Proposal Manager, Technical Approach Facilitation, $58 million - Awarded
AFCEE, Heavy Engineering, Repair and Construction (HERC) contract, Sample Task Volume Manager,
$6 billion - Awarded
GSA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Design-Build IDIQ, Proposal Manager and Principal Writer, $25 million, Awarded
USACE, Fort Worth District, two Design-Build MATOCs, Proposal Manager, Principal Writer, $470 and
$800 million - Awarded
USACE Huntsville District, Facilities Repair and Renewal (FRR), $276 Million - Proposal Manager, Sample Task - Awarded
USACE, Fort Worth District, Construction IDIQ, Proposal Manager, Principal Writer, 380 million - Awarded
USACE, Sacramento District, Environmental Remediation Services (ERS) Nationwide Small Business, Proposal Manager and Principal Writer, $180 Million - Awarded
USACE, Sacramento District, Environmental Remediation Services (ERS) Nationwide 8(a), Proposal Manager and Principal Writer, $70 Million, plus two subcontracts on LB primes – Awarded all 3
GSA, Schedule 70 IT Services and GSA 866 Environmental Services Proposal Manager and Principal Writer,
$25 Million and $5 Million – Awarded