Andrea Iacopini

Freelance Video Editor & Audio Editor

Location:United States
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4908 Inglewood Ct. Nashville, TN 37216
(415) 335-3718

• 20 years playing and studying music, including violin, piano, guitar, and bass.
• Proficiency in a diversity of audio software applications: Logic Pro 8 and 9, Pro Tools 7.4 and 8, Reason 4.1, Soundtrack Pro, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Native Instruments, Waves, McDSP, Soundtoys, RNDigital Plug-ins.
• Proficiency in operating and maintaining a multi-track recording studio.
• Certified in Pro Tools 101, 110, 201, 210m, Logic Pro 8 and 9
• Knowledge on interfaces such as Command 24, D-Command, C-24, Icon and SSL
• Knowledge of outboard audio equipment including compressors, gates, limiters, and signal processors.
• Knowledge of musical equipment and miking techniques that are best suited for recording circumstances as well as live performance.
• High knowledge of computer hardware and software including Microsoft Office, Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows, Dreamweaver, HTML and Java language.
• Extremely effective working in groups as well as individually. Easy to communicate with and able to multi-task effectively and efficiently.
• English and Italian languages written and spoken, as well as fundamentals in French.


July 2010 – Present Cruiser Customizing Video Editing San Francisco, CA
Video Editing
Working editing video for Cruiser Customizing, motorcycle company based in the East Bay. Editing video and formatting video for broadcast quality uploads.

March 2010 – Present Soundarts Studios San Francisco, CA
Engineer, Sound Designer, Video Editor
Working on Sound Design for movies, documentaries and such. Engineering a variety of sessions from band recording, to Voice Over session, to Post Production work.

January 2010 Ghost Cat Studios – worked on “The Dead and The Damned” San Francisco, CA
Sound Designer and Post Production Engineer
Working on sound design, foley, VO and editing on “The Dead and The Damned”, movie presented at various film festivals, including San Francisco’s Cowboy Vs. Zombie festival.

September 2008 EMBS Studios - Worked on “Stitch in Time” Oakland, CA
Sound Designer and Post Production Engineer
Working on sound design, foley, VO and sound field recording on “Stitch In Time”, movie presented at Sundance Film Festival 2009-2010.

January 2008 – Present Ghost Cat Studios San Francisco, CA
Audio Engineer, Post Production Engineer and Sound Designer
Engineering, recording full bands, directing and running recording sessions as well as building sound library, working on sound design and post production sessions for external projects.

April 2008 – Present The Paul Green School Of Rock Music San Francisco, CA
Instructor, workshop director, video director
Teaching guitar and bass to students between the age of 8 and 17. Directing workshops focused on Song writing, Multi-track Recording and the Music Industry. Documenting student’s live performances by filming, editing, and directing post-production work using Final Cut Pro and releasing interactive DVD’s using DVD Pro.

January 2008 – June 2008 Talking House Production San Francisco, CA
Engineering, recording and running pre production sessions as well as mixing (Icons and SSL) and being an integrative part of this amazing recording studio/Record Label.

October 2008 - Present Video Installation Project scoring San Francisco, CA
Scoring music for an art installation project comprised of seven videos, which will be performed live in Italy August 2009.

November 2008 Independent Movie scoring San Francisco, CA
Scoring music for an eight minutes independent movie that is going to be part of a festival.

August 2008 SoundArts Creative Common compilation San Francisco, CA
Engineer, Producer
Recording, engineering and producing a 6 pieces blues/rock band. Recorded at SoundArts Studios and mixed and mastered at Pyramind Institute for Advanced Digital Audio Training.

June 2008 – Present Movie/Video game scoring and sound design San Francisco, CA
Scoring music for a new video game, as well as scoring trailers and working with SF State students, composing music for their short films.

May 2007-Present Soundarts Recording Studio San Francisco, CA
Performing Artist, Intern and Engineer
Recording personal music album while assisting in mixing and mastering tracks. Set-up and breakdown of microphones, amplifiers, and other music equipment. Performing all music and playing all instruments used on the tracks. Recording and mixing using Logic Pro 8 and mastering using Pro Tools 7.4. Engineer for Voice Over sessions and band recording.

Sept 2005-Nov 2005 Ente per le Nuove tecnologie, l'Energia e l'Ambiente (E.N.E.A.) Bologna, IT
Design and build a web application used to manage access to the company database to download and upload files. Written using JAVA script. Set-up and connect multiple computer systems and update company website.


Jan 2008-De 2008 Pyramind Institute for Advanced Digital Audio Training San Francisco, CA
• Digital Producer Certificate – Graduated in December 2008
• Featured in Student Testimonials for Pyramind web site:

2001-2006 University of Bologna Bologna, IT
• Degree in Internet/Computer Sciences and Business Management

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