Stephanie Lee

Freelance Drawer & Portrait Artist

Location:Louisville, Kentucky, United States
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In my youth, before I acquired the ability to communicate my most complex thoughts into words, I discovered pictures gave artists a platform to document history as well as a chance to share one's perspectives with the world. My curiosity ran wild with joy as I studied random drawings from pictures depicted in children's books. Therefore, with a desire to create pictures and with available resources I could find from my home and school library, I began teaching myself to draw; and I have been drawing ever since.

Prior to entering high school, I received visual arts training with the Louisville Visual Arts Association for a year. In addition, I won first place among the Jefferson County middle school division for Great America Smokeout Poster Contest, which theme title is Smoker's Don't Win in the Game of Life. Several years later, I won my second first place poster contest among the Jefferson County high school division for JCTA's theme title: Education The Dream of a Lifetime. I received additional traditional visual arts training when I attended University of Louisville.

The elements I enjoy mostly in regards to producing artistic imagery are implementing the creative process, communicating a message that will make an impact and observing the effects my work has on the viewers.
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Portrait Art