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Robin Duehring

Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Designer

Location:Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Phone: 336.965.1274
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Hello and welcome! I am glad you stopped by to have a look at my work. My name is Robin Duehring, I am a graphic artist, digital artist, photographer and website designer in Greensboro North Carolina. I was born in New York. My family moved to Cary N.C. when I was just a baby. I have been working professionally as a graphic artist, digital artist, photographer, website designer and all around keyboard jockey & web geek for over 20 years. I serve clients locally and around the globe. Over the course of my career I have served many hundreds of clients from the small business owner to fortune 100 companies. I have a deep passion for my work and no matter the size or cost of the project, I approach each piece with complete dedication, attention to detail with excellent communication and feedback with each client I serve. To be commissioned by anyone is an honor and I treat each client with the respect they deserve and always strive to deliver exceptional work at very competitive prices.

My artistic and tech career began when I was just a little girl. My mother was an art teacher and my father was an engineer for IBM, he worked on such projects as the supermarket scanner, the first color monitor and he did work for NASA. I am a hybrid of them both. As soon as I could hold a brush, a stick of charcoal, I was creating art. I would play with almost anything my mom had laying around her studio. I also held a keen interest in the strange objects my father would bring home from work or had in his workshop. As a young girl and as I grew older, even up until my father's death in 2011, I have learned to fix all manner of electronic equipment and computers. I was even was lucky enough to have one of the very first portable computers (the IBM XT - it had a 20MB hard drive, a 9" CRT amber screen, a flip down keyboard, an Intel 8088 4.77 MHz processor, 512 kB ram, two 5¼" 360kB floppies with DOS 2.10). By the early 90's I was building and fixing my own computers.

My first foray onto the internet was through the ISP prodigy, it was at this point my life changed dramatically. When I got my first copy of Photoshop an intense love affair with graphic design was born. I learned to program HTML with notepad at first then I moved on to web weaver and then finally Dreamweaver, which I continue to use today. At this point the internet was the wild, wild west and there were no course classes in college teaching website design or Photoshop. I am self taught and I strive to learn new techniques all the time.

Professional Career:
2011 - Creative Director, Graphic & Digital Artist, Photographer for Lady Dragonfly Studios
1999 - 2011: Creative Director,Graphic Artist, Website Designer for WebBuilder Studios
1998-1999: Creative Director for WebTech Solutions
1999-2000: Graphic & Web Designer for Cryptocomm
1987-1999: Professional Makup Artist & Stylist for Film, TV & Print

Graphic design - Logo Design, Poster Design, Website Design, Ad Design & Print Design

Digital Art - Custom Art Pieces, Fantasy Art, Comic book style art, Portraiture, Posters, fine art

Photography - Portrait, Corporate, Nature, Product, Intimate, Fashion, Pin-up & glam, ****, ******, photographic restoration, retouch and enhancement. All stages of pre and post Production and finishing including; location scouting, make-up & hair styling, lighting, product & food styling, model casting, model releases and copyright notification.

Logo design - Customized Logo Design, Market Research, Logo Facelift, Logo rebuilds into high resolution vector graphics.

Print design - Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Club Cards, Post Cards, Ads, Posters, Billboards, Banners, Kiosks, Purchase Displays, Greeting Cards, Invitations. All print pieces are done as high resolution vector graphics with exact color matching using Pantone, RGB, CMYK, HSB or LAB color. I can give the client the print ready digital files, work with printer of your choice or deliver the completed finished print piece.

website design & programming - All design is WSC3 compliant and service offered can include as much or as little as needed: Concept, discovery, market research of the industry and direct competitors, use of color theory, domain name registration, hosting, email, UI design, HTML, DHTML and Jquery programming. Content management graphic art suites that include: custom art and custom or stock photography, custom dynamic or graphical navigation, custom icons, bullets and SEO services.

Search engine optimization - Market research to refine keywords & Phrases, keyword & key phrase population throughout website, custom landing pages targeted to keywords and key phrases. Submission to the top search engines, reciprocal linking

Online marketing strategies - Targeted audience market research, SEO, Custom SEO landing pages, Industry trade online ads, articles and blogs, google adwords, google analytics and customized campaigns.

Corporate identity packages (discovery, concept, market research, logo design, website design, page layout, custom CSS design, Corporate collaterals, SEO, traditional marketing & online marketing.)

Program Proficiency:
*Adobe Photoshop
*Adobe Image Ready
*Adobe Illustrator
*Adobe Dreamweaver
*Adobe Flash
*Adobe Acrobat
*Adobe Lightroom
*Microsoft PowerPoint
*Microsoft Word
*Windows Live Movie Maker
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Graphic Design
Website Design