Jonathan Bloch

Freelance Japanese Translator & Editor

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
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Jonathan Bloch
Experienced translator of Japanese, with particular expertise in politics, finance, law, and industry.
Professional Experience
Contract Translator for University of Tokyo Faculty 2011-Present
? Translate book-length work in legal analysis for publication by Oxford University Press.
? Current work in progress: Origins of the Right of Self-defence in International Law; recently published: International Harmonization of Economic Regulation.
Marketing Analyst, EBSCO Information Services 2011-2013
? Researched publishers of Japanese and Chinese scholarly resources to advise sales teams and content-licensing teams on strategic gaps in our search product’s coverage of key resources for East Asian clients.
Japanese Census Taker, US Census Bureau, San Diego, CA 2010
? Conducted Census interviews with Japanese speakers; performed outreach to typically undercounted communities; monitored census takers’ performance and compliance with procedures; and processed applications for employment with the Census.
SAT/GRE Instructor, Sherwood Test Prep, San Diego, CA 2009
? Taught courses for raising scores on standardized tests for high school students preparing to enter college and college graduates preparing to enter graduate school.
Instructor, College of English Language, San Diego, CA 2008-2009
? Taught written and spoken English to adult students from Europe and Asia.
Instructor, California State University, San Marcos 2008
? Designed, taught, and administered introductory course in US and California politics.
Technical Editor, Japanese Standards Association 2001-2006
? Translated, edited, and wrote communications from the Association to diverse overseas constituencies. Translated material included: proposed industry standards submitted by Japanese industries to the International Organization for Standardization, Japanese analyses of and negotiating positions on standard proposals from other countries, text and interpretations of Japanese law and regulations, and business correspondence needed for recruiting, organizing, and managing multinational teams of standard developers on multiyear projects.
? Researched Japanese and overseas industry standards to clarify discrepancies and resolve ambiguities at stake in formulation of global common standards.
? Coordinated and served as interpreter for multinational standard development teams.
Translator, Nippon Life Insurance Company 2000-2001
? As the lone native English speaker for the corporate insurance sales team of Japan’s largest insurer serving multinationals’ Tokyo offices, translated documents of all types, including contracts, official statements, market analyses, and promotional materials.
Graduate, Paralegal Studies, UC San Diego Extension 2010
Ph.D. in Government, University of Texas at Austin
Dissertation topic: The politics of Japan’s 1990 banking crisis
Visiting Researcher, University of Tokyo, Institute of Social Science 2000-2001
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