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I have been writing for eight years now the reason why I write is to ease the pain, I write to gain an understanding of past mistakes; I write because poetry reached out to me and saved me from myself, I obtain and write about the things that affect me and my life, I have captured all of my wrongs in words; doing so has empowered me to make right choices. Changing the way that I think has allowed me to grasp anything that is negative and turn it into a positive this by the way is what I call truth poetry it’s full of love and the knowledge which I obtained when I discovered God. Being made over hasn't been easy for me the test I find myself taking on a day to day, moment by moment basics are hard, however I understand that to have the will to change takes great efforts as well as a prepared heart. I once thought I had fallen to low I thought I would never regain my footing but I was reminded that great things are often born through great pain. So I keep my head up even when it’s raining so hard that I can’t see because I know that in the end when the sun shines that I will see all that I was meant my goal is to spread the love, peace and joy that I had found deep within through my poetry in hopes that just one of my kind words would up life someone who may be feeling down. I have over a million people that have read my pomes you can find some of my works on:, or on

Poetry Is My Mistress
How do I balance the life I want to have, with the one that I need I sat down and listened, to them both and I know I can meet both their needs but neither one wants to agree to share me, so now I must choose which one I want to lose, the pen I write poetry with or my girl it’s a hard choice but I feel I have to decide, why can’t my girl understand that poetry does things for me that people, just can’t do I know it might sound strange but my girl feels that poetry is my mistress, all because I give poetry parts of my beat up soul, what my girl misses is that when I do this poetry doesn’t say a word about how she feels, poetry doesn’t care if I am weak or strong she still opens her arms to me, with my girl if I‘m having a bad day it always seems to affect her, see with poetry I have comfort, shelter and so much peace, she is not just a hobby poetry is my life after all she saved me when the drugs tried to take me over, she wrapped my cold, ***** wet soul up in her arms, I tell you poetry is heaven sent she never tells me what I can’t do, she shows me my strengths and helps me improve where I am weak, my girl has her moments don’t get me wrong, but this thing between poetry and me is way too strong, personally I feel that what I do with poetry is not wrong, so why should I have to choose after all poetry will one day pay for the life, my girl wants to live but I know that there won’t be a thank you or any type of formal apologies made to poetry all because my girl would still see poetry as mistress to me.

~ the prolific penman
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