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Location:Woodbridge, Virginia, United States
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Thinking out of the box is my motto. When people read my articles, they say its "unique" and "It felt like you were talking directly to me, it was not a simple passage that we would read as information, but it kept my attention". I have written many articles on a variety of topics, from fashion to food to technology to new software updates, you name it, i have something to say about it.the good thing i guess is that i take interest in every field and writing is my passion,so when something is labeled as 'my passion', you know for sure that this person would put her heart and mind into it with enthusiasm and that's how i role. besides writing, i love arts, calligraphy, grafitti, tatoo designs, covers, sketches, name designs I know it all. Photo editing is a hobby of mines too.whether its writing or arts, i give 100% to my work.
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Album Design