Alanis Pena

Freelance Poem Writer & Singer

Location:Stratford, Connecticut, United States
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my name is Alanis Peña and I am a teenage poet. I have already won three poetry contest and have one poem currently published and another poem in the process of being published. I understand sometimes I can be underestimated because I am only a teenager, but I would love for you to just give m a chance and try to please you with what I can give and if you aren't pleased with the results then I would like to know so I can fix any problems and you could help me be a better poet. I usually do inspiring poetry, or poems about love and happiness, even the complete opposite I can do poems about sadness, loneliness and depression. jus give me a description of the type of poetry you want and how long you want it to be and ill try my best to get the job done.
My page also says I put singing, please understand I am an alto, I sing and I take choir, but I am most likely not the best voice you will find.
Thank you for giving your time to read this I hope you consider me for the job!
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Poem Writing