Cody Smith

Freelance Article Writer & Content Writer

Location:Covington, Georgia, United States
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Hello! I am a full-time freelance writer at present, writing everything from copy for websites, blog posts, reviews, marketing advertisements, and even a short story that I've self-published.

I would like to let it be known that I have never attended college, nor have I ever earned a degree in anything. In high school, I acquired a fervent passion for writing and reading of all sorts; the classics, fantasy, sci-fi, modern fiction, and historical fiction. I've read and written in just about every genre with the exception of romance.

It was during middle and high school that my family suffered a cascade of increasingly tragic events that led to me losing my father, dropping out of high school, getting married at age 17, and entering the workforce as a warehouse worker. This has been my life for the better part of nine years. I love my wife and two children, but I have left employment as a warehouse worker, and have been working for the past year as a freelance writer for various freelancing websites.

I'm currently a full-time writer and would love to be able to help you with your writing endeavors!
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