Larrie Funk

Freelance Consultant & Commercial Photographer

Location:Dundee, Illinois, United States
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Larrie R. Funk
Senior Technical Writer/Editor

Dear Sir/Madam:

Yes, I would definitely be interested in the position provided you are amenable to my situation as enumerated below.

Please find attached below a copy of my resume. (A more detailed version is available upon request.)

Due to the fact that my wife is disabled and I cannot leave her alone for long periods of time, I am basically seeking work I can perform from my fully equipped and capable home office. I have worked on a freelance basis for a large number of years and feel there is no reason why this assignment could not be accomplished via a telecommute basis. With regard to client meetings, they could also be accomplished via teleconferencing if necessary. However, an on-site presence on my part is not totally out of the question as long as I did not have to be there more than 5% of the time and your company is willing to pick up the commuting cost.

I am very familiar with all of the Microsoft Office programs and Visio as well as RoboHelp, Quark, Photoshop, FrameMaker, SnagIt, and Adobe Acrobat software, to name a few of the programs I use most often. I am also very experienced with both the MAC and PC platforms.

As a result of the vast amount of time I have been in this profession and the large variety of projects that I have completed successfully for numerous companies/individuals, I feel that I would have absolutely no difficulty meeting the requirements you set forth in your webvertisement. I have taught classes using the manuals I have developed as the curriculum. And, I have also worked in customer service for other companies. Therefore, I look at writing as a form of customer service because the writer is trying to aid the customer in performing/understanding a task. Although I may not be a 100% match for your ”ideal candidate profile”, I do feel that my abilities would lend themselves to your particular publication endeavors as well.

In my opinion, a competent technical writer is an individual that can take a complicated dissertation and translate that into language the average individual with anywhere between a PHD to a sixth grade education can understand and fully comprehend. Depending on the needs of the audience, this is what I endeavor to do in all my writing assignments.

Currently I edit a monthly newsletter for a Doctor of Chiropractic and Homeopathy. And, I have also edited lecture presentations for this same individual.

I have recently completed ghost writing a book for another doctor covering the benefits of Cetyl Myristolerate as they relate to arthritis.

And, in addition, I have just finished a book editing assignment for prominent C.E.O. Consultant/Business Coach.

With regard to salary, that is open for discussion. But, please keep in mind that I have over 20 years of experience at doing what I do, as you can see by my resume, and that I am reasonably good at it. I would be interested in hearing the figure you have in mind.

Thank you for the opportunity to let you know I would be interested in undertaking this assignment.


Larrie R. Funk
Senior Technical Writer/Editor

P.S. I look forward to further discussing how I may put my years of experience to work for you. I may be reached at 1-847-917-2131. If I should be temporarily away, there is voicemail on that line. I do return all my calls as long as you leave your name, number and purpose of the call.

P.P.S. Please be advised... I currently have NO DESIRE to become a captive employee of any employer. I work strictly on a contract/freelance basis. Clients are invoiced for work performed. Payment is due upon receipt.


L A R R I E R. F U N K


Through the use of innovative technology, cut manual production time in half for one company. By creating an all inclusive master proposal manual, streamlined proposal production process – eliminating error generation and greatly shortening production time for a major construction company. Increased the quality rating of another company’s product manuals from 48th out of 55 to 3rd place in a six month period. Cleared up an aircraft company’s three year backlog of maintenance manual updates in six months. These are by no means all of the accomplishments to my credit.

EDUCATION: BA and MBA, Stratford College; Los Angeles, California

Technical Publications Consultant

L. R. FUNK, Technical Publications Consulting, (Self-Employed - 20+ yrs.)

Primary duties included:

• Ongoing editing of a doctor's monthly Chiropractic/Homeopathic news letter

• Ghost write manuscript for a physician’s book

• Textual content editing of a major Homeopathic website

• Textual editing of presentations for a Doctor of Chiropractic and Homeopathic medicines

• Communicate clearly and efficiently with all project personnel

• Guide clients in the preparation of all manner of training curriculum, qualification presentations, graphical sales presentation media, proposals, and statements of corporate purpose

• Deliver/teach developed curriculum when desired

• Maintain a close watch on all new and developing publications technologies

• Become familiar with a large variety of equipment (including - but not limited to: mechanical equipment, hydraulic equipment, electromechanical equipment, electronic equipment, and structural ******** equipment, computer equipment)

• Utilize various MIL SPECS. (including: MIL-M--15071G (Navy), MIL-M-38784B, MIL-HDBK-63038-1 (TM), MIL-M-63036A (TM), MIL-STD-7935A, and MIL-STD-2167A) when dealing with military projects

• Maintained a "SECRET" clearance while working on military projects (currently inactive)

Director 0f Technical Publications For A Major Telecommunications Company

Generate and/or revise Installation, Implementation, Operation, Upgrade, and Engineering written materials for proprietary Call Center software and hardware that is in use world wide in the consumer service industry.

Help System Designer

• Design help system for SAP software

• Types of help systems developed include "classic", "HTML-based", and "Web-based"

Senior Technical Publications Specialist

Major Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturer, Mount Prospect, IL

Primary duties include:

• Oversee all Manual production

• Become ISO-9000 certified

• Supervise all Manual production software acquisitions

• Communicate effectively with all levels of management

• Design On-Line Help Screens for product using RoboHelp Office classic and/or RoboHelp HTML 9.1

• Translate complicated engineering dissertations into easy to understand and follow text

• Design and generate Installation/Owner/Operator Operations Manuals

• Take photographs for illustrations used where needed

• Take charge of all DTP operations where manual production is concerned through the use of MS-Word, PowerPoint, Frame Maker and other DTP programs

Representative Sampling Of Companies With Which I Have Worked:

• Media Solutions

• General Electric Medical Systems

• Niku, Inc. [formerly Proamics]

• Sonoscan, Inc.

• Arthur Andersen

• NALCO Chemical Company

• CNA Insurance Company

• Unocal 76

• Air Wisconsin (United Express)

• Abbott Laboratories

• Bosch Pneumatics

• R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company

• Madison Kipp Foundry, Inc.

• Warner Electric, Inc.

• Darome, Inc.

• Computer Partners, Inc.

• Bell & Howell

• Northern Telecom

• Motorola

• ITW – LINAC, Inc.

• Zenith Radio Corporation

• Signode Corporation

• Frederiksen & Shu Laboratories, Inc.

• Bally/Midway Manufacturing Co.

• Power Systems, Incorporated

• Arthur G. McKee And Company

• A.O. Smith Harvestore Products, Inc.

• Stewart - Warner

• Warnecke Electron Tubes, Inc.

• General Time Corporation, Aerospace Division

• Baxter Healthcare

• Allegiance

• Teleformix, Inc.


I have many skills, which have been developed over my 20+ years of practice. They include, but are not limited to:

• Support of both the Macintosh and PC platforms and their associated hardware from Scanners to Slide Writers to CD/DVD Burners and more.

• Familiarity with many Word Processing programs used on both platforms to include Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Samna +IV, Nisus Writer, etc.

• Use of graphics presentation/development and design software to include PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Harvard Graphics, Illustrator, Persuasion, etc.

• RoboHelp and RoboHelp HTML authoring software for designing on-screen help files. Sap Software.

• Numerous utility programs that aid in performing screen grabs, copying of images, editing of images and moving them to the desired locations, scanning and conversion of documents via OCR software.

• Familiarity with many different types of cameras and lighting procedures to obtain the required photos for manual illustrations.